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Tuesday Feb 12,2019

Welcome CHouchins

Macho Man

A- Seated Wrist Stretches
    Prone Prayer Stretch
    Squat Push Aways
B- 2 Rounds
    20 Plate Ground to Overheads
    5 Kang Sqauts
C- 1 Round
     5 Hi Hang Triple Extension
     5 Hi Hang Hi Pull
     5 Hi Hang Squat Cleans
     5 Push Jerks

8:00 Build-up
Heavy Power Clean + Front Sqaut + Push Jerk

20:00 Emom
3 Power Cleans        Rx: 135/95
3 Front Squats         Rx2: 95/65
3 Push Jerks            Mstrs: 55/35
                              Elite: 155/105

*Score is total number of completed Rounds

100% 0%
TodayAll Time

Erin A20 Rx Sheridan I wanted to try 105 but...ehhh lol
CHouchins20 Rx3 55# (20-30 secs left per round) working on form
Melissa M20 Rx2 As written #65, should have done 75#
Amy L20 Rx2 75 #'s
Amanda Sc20 Rx2
Brian L11 Rx
Robert S18  Deadlift, hang clean, push jerk. Started at 155# for 5 rounds, then 135#
Toby15 Rx
Walt10 Rx3 55#; used too much weight
Joan15 Rx3 #35
Mary Wahlstrom.10 Rx2 65#
Brittany D14 Rx2 PRed by 10#
Justin Gro15 Rx
Angie14 Rx+
Alma12 Rx2 75# instead of 65# ( heavy for me today)
Sheridan16 Rx+ holy moly.
Christina M13 Rx3 Started w/ 65# ended w/ 55#
Larry B15 Rx
Jaron19 Rx2 Tried to make up round with 20 seconds to go but couldn't finish. Awesome workout!
Dylan R20  135 x 1, 95 x 5, the rest with 35# DBs (wrist problem)
Michael Ber13 Rx2 105#
Jaz19 Rx2 75# BB.. take a round of rest bc of my wrist
Casey H18 Rx2 100lb
Russell L20 Rx3
Adam B16 Rx First five rounds at 155#
Leslie20 Rx3
Elizabeth K19 Rx2 65#
Melissa L14 Rx2 75#
Blake20 Rx2 75 10 rounds 65 10 rounds. Shoulders tired
Tom S21 Rx3 RX3+ 65#
John Ro20 Rx+
Dawn M20 Rx3 started with 30lbs ended 25lbs
Rachel Pr20 Rx2 75#
Russell P15 Rx+ First 6 rounds unbroken
Jennie18 Rx3 55 lb, last 4 only cleans/strict press (knee hurting)
Kamill13 Rx first time! next year goal 15
Lisa J20 Rx2
Reem20  15 rounds at 15, 5 rounds @ 25#
Kelly TRx2 Worked as a strength session. 85# E3MOM
Sarah S20 Rx3 2 25lb DB instead
Jeff R13 Rx+ 1st 5 Rnds Unbroken
Haylie20 Rx3 45
Melody20 Rx2 65, 75 last 5
Jeff B17 Rx+ My amazing coach's fault
Abbey20 Rx3
Results Posted: 45
Jeff R 5:30pm

Brian L 9:20am
Great job Erin!!!
Erin A 9:59pm
Thank you!

Brian L 7:23pm
All the Ladies kicked butt today!