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Wednesday, Mar 12, 2014

WB and Burpee EMOMStrict Press 5 x 3

WB and Burpee EMOM

Every even minute perform 8 wall balls RX:(20/14) RX2: (14/10)
Every odd minute 8 burpees  

You will continue the pattern until you can no longer complete the reps within the minute.

From then it moves to 8 Body weight sqauts and 8 flash push up until everyone in class is finished

20 min time cap

Score is total number of minutes completed

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1st20 Melanie C Wed,Mar 12,2014
Tammy M Wed,Mar 12,2014
1st20 Roy Wed,Mar 12,2014

Melanie C20 Rx good workout but need a bit more reps....last minute 22 wall balls
Roy20 Rx
Kyle20 Rx
Tammy M20 Rx Last minute 19 burpees
Cary20  switched 2 burpees at half way. back is sore
Lacy20  box burpees
Jayna20 Rx
Danielle Dul20 min Rx
Ariel20 Rx need to squat lower on wall balls.
Paul E20 Rx Last minute 11 burpees
Jamie V16 Rx CHANGED 10/10. 8/8 last 4 min
Abby20 Rx
Jon14 Rx
Jonathan D10  12 per for first half then 8 per for rest
Brian S20 Rx no rd over 29 secs.
Christine B20 Rx 10 & 10 every round
Jesse19 Rx had to step out during 1 round of burpees
Jessika20 Rx 8 1st round as class then we did 10 the rest
Morgan20  5:00mins of RX finished with squats and pu's
Rachael Ma20:00  1 rd burpee/3 rds wb then 10 knee pu/10 bw squat
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