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Thursday May 24,2018

Happy Birthday Wendy B

3RFT: Run, FS, RC

For Time
3 Rounds  
400 m Run
15 Front Squats 135/95
      Rx2: 95/65
      Rx2: 65/45
3 Rope Climbs
      Rx2: 1 Rope Climb
      Rx3: 10 Knee ups

0% 0%
1st20:12 Emily Co Thu,May 24,2018
2nd14:33 2Amanda Sa Thu,May 24,2018
3rd16:59 2Angelika Thu,May 24,2018
1st16:10 Adam B Thu,May 24,2018
2nd16:45 Toby Thu,May 24,2018
3rd22:36 Justin Gro Thu,May 24,2018

Angie13:45  15 Dragon flags subbed for rc. 14# vest
Amanda Sc14:35 Rx3 400m run; 65lb FS; 10 knu on rope
Amanda Sa14:33 Rx2 Rx2 all the way, 1st visit to 7:30a class
Russ19:20  400m,135fs,15dflgs
Toby16:45 Rx 20' rope climbs (to rafters)
Walt24:20 Rx3 45# FS; 1 rope climb
jennifer how19:41  35 lb front squat
Jeff R25:45  Double KB FS 50's, 20 ft RC
Justin Gro22:36 Rx In no hurry today
Sheridan??? Rx 14# vest--forgot to look at the clock
Brittany D🤷🏼‍♀️ Rx2
Josh S19:01 Rx2 1 RC
Emily Co20:12 Rx
Brian L24:30 Rx 400M run w/vest (easing back in)
Danielle Born18:11 Rx3 400m run, 75# fs dragonfl;ies due to blister on left hand. trying to heal for Murph
Michael Ber18:29 Rx2
Adam B16:10 Rx with 20#vest on RUN and RC..not to rafters
Spencer Boy15:11 Rx3 400 M Run; #65 FS; 10 K2E
Angelika16:59 Rx2 400M; #85: 1 Rope Climb, Shortie
Leslie22:10 Rx3 Rx2 rope climb
Robby G25:11 Rx I legless climb!
Tom S31:05 Rx2
Abbey21:03 Rx2
Brigitte22:24 Rx3 200 m run
Rachel Pr15:30 Rx3 65# FS
Dylan R20:35  Double KB FS 53#, 3 RC, 400m..all in 27.5# vest
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