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Thursday Sep 27,2018

Happy Birthday Emily Cr
Gymversary Chad C-2
FT: DU, RMU, DLOther Posted Results


For Time
90 Double Unders
   9/6 Ring Muscle-ups
      9 Deadlifts  
80 Double Unders
   8/4 Ring Muscle-ups
      8 Deadlifts  
70 Double Unders
   7/3 Ring Muscle-ups
      7 Deadlifts  

Double Unders
    Rx2: 180, 160, 140, Singles
    Rx3: 30, 20, 10 Calorie Row

Ring Muscle-ups
    Rx2: Jumping Ring Muscle-ups
    Jumping Ring Chin-ups

    Rx: 335/205
    Rx2: 245/165
    Rx3: 135/95

0% 0%
1st9:57 2Spencer Boy Thu,Sep 27,2018
2nd17:46 2Angie Thu,Sep 27,2018
3rd20:15 2Lisa J Thu,Sep 27,2018
1st17:14 Bryan Thu,Sep 27,2018
2nd17:57 Jeff R Thu,Sep 27,2018
3rd32:50 Jeff B Thu,Sep 27,2018

Bryan17:14 Rx
Angie17:46 Rx2 5 ring turn overs/5 ring layouts each round
Kate B19:18 Rx3 singles, some sort of ring row/turnover attempts, #165 dl
Judy H11:58 Rx3 Singles;ring rows (987); 105# DL
Adam B40:00  well Rx all but had 4 left in last set of DL..ended about at 40Min.
Russ24:02 Rx2 Rx weight and du’s. Worked on mu form.
Eddie23:08 Rx2 Strict Rx2
TobyDNF  DLs at 90% are hard 😂 Right glute went on lockdown in round of 8s.
Heather20:00 Rx3 DL #105, shoulder popped out of socket and I popped it back in. Went to Big Lots after WOD.
Jeff R17:57 Rx
Lisa J20:15 Rx2 215 dl, du and ring turnovers
Brian L26:32 Rx2 1/2 reps of Double unders-245# DL-RMU attempts + progressions
Melissa L17:38 Rx3 145DL; RX 2 ring rows; got first DU!
Erin A18:24 Rx3 Singles, 165# DL, RR w/turnover & attempts at jump to support ugh
Dawn M12:24  25 lbs DL
Evan L16:55  205 DL; RR+TO; Singles
Jeff B32:50 Rx Pr on RMU
Spencer Boy9:57 Rx2 #165 DL; Singles; RR w/ TO
Leslie17:00 Rx3 115#DL; RX2 SU & RRTO; took 1.5 min off for BR; got 165# max DL again
Paul G16:15 Rx2 Singles, ring row + turn overs + jump to support
Russell P15:24 Rx2 275# DL
Brigitte13:00 Rx3 120, 80, 70 singles: RR + TO, 70#DL
Jennie13:12 Rx3 RR, 65#DL
Results Posted: 23
Kelly T 6:20am

Kate B 12:03pm
Today’s wod comments are killing me 🤣
Toby 6:29pm
It was an interesting morning 🤣

Toby 6:29pm
Way to go Jeff B!!!