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Saturday Dec 23,2017

12 Days of ChristmasOther Posted Results

12 Days of Christmas

1 Power Snatch 95/65            
    Rx2: 65/45
2 Ring Dips                        
    Rx2: Box Dips
3 Burpees
4 Pull-ups                            
    Rx2: Ring-rows
5 Toes To Bar                      
    Rx2: Knee-ups
6 Flash Push-ups
7 Body-weight Squats  
8 Jump Lunges                  
    Rx2: Step-Back
9 Box Jump 24/20              
    Rx2: 20/18
10 Wall Balls 20/14              
    Rx2: 14/10
11 Kettle Bell Swings 53/35    
    Rx2: 35/26
12 Thrusters 95/65            
    Rx2: 65/45

aka: “12 Days of CrossFit,” like the song the “12 Days of Christmas,” complete each exercise in ascending order then work back down to 1, adding one exercise per round. Like this: 1; 2-1; 3-2-1; 4-3-2-1; etc – for a total of 364 reps.

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Bob28:29 Rx2 #55 Bar work
Jeff B23:22 Rx
David F27:00 Rx
Abbey32:00 Rx2
Amanda Sa32:52 Rx2 As written
Jason K28:55 Rx
Russ36:08 Rx
Larry B32:01 Rx
Brittany D27:38 Rx2 Rx2: snatch and thruster weight, box dips, ring rows, and KUs. Rx everything else.
Justin Gro37:13 Rx Team Gross finished together
Amanda Sc30:30 Rx2 rx- snatch, BJ, wall ball, kbs, thrusters
Stacy27:30 Rx2 Rx everything except toes to bar, ring dips and pull ups
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