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Thursday Dec 21,2017

Complex: PS, LHS, LHSS21-15-9: KBS, WB, Row

Complex: PS, LHS, LHSS

5 Rounds
1 Power Snatch
  (3 sec Pause at Knee)
1 Low Hang Snatch
1 Low Hang Squat Snatch

0% 0%
1st75 Angie Thu,Dec 21,2017
Sheridan Thu,Dec 21,2017
Taylor Cof Thu,Dec 21,2017
2nd65 Erin A Thu,Dec 21,2017
3rd60 Melody Thu,Dec 21,2017
1st155 Roy Thu,Dec 21,2017
2nd135 Jeff B Thu,Dec 21,2017
Toby Thu,Dec 21,2017
Antonio Thu,Dec 21,2017
3rd110 Andrew B Thu,Dec 21,2017

Robby G95 Rx sore, all over, time for a week off I believe to heal.
Jeff B135 Rx
Angie75 Rx Worked on receiving position
Larry B105 Rx
Russ95 Rx “Worked on fooorm”
Brian L105 Rx
Toby135 Rx
Sheridan75 Rx
Melody60 Rx
Roy155 Rx
Erin A65 Rx
Andrew B110 Rx
Antonio135 Rx
Taylor Cof75 Rx
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David F 8:49pm
Thanks JG for the push today! Love ya man!