Most Recent Benchmark was Front Squat 1RM on Oct 11,2018 (8 days ago)

Wednesday Oct 17,2018

Happy Birthday Jason K
Gymversary Faith-1 & Abbey-1
Strict Press 5 x 3DL & Wall BallsOther Posted Results

Strict Press 5 x 3

5 Rounds
3 Strict Press

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Amanda Sc65 Rx
Alyssia35 Rx
Erin A85 Rx struggle city
Judy H50 Rx
Melody85 Rx
Larry B135 Rx
Alma70 Rx
Brian L135 Rx 75-95-115-125-135
Justin Gro125 Rx 2@135
Walt60 Rx 2 reps at 65#
Roy155 Rx
Sam W165 Rx
Russ145 Rx
Toby135 Rx
Jason K165 Rx
Dylan R135 Rx 145x2
Jeff B145 Rx
Eddie115 Rx
Rachel Pr70 Rx used to be my 1 rep max
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