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Tuesday Jun 19,2018

Welcome Trenee & mauricio & Rebeca

Hero: Dae Han

3 Rounds for Time
  800 m Barbell Carry 45/35
     Rx2: 400 m Barbell Carry 45/35  
     Rx3: 400 m Run
  3 Rope Climbs
     Rx2: 9 Pull-ups
     Rx3: 12 Jumping Pull-ups
  12 Thrusters 135/95
     Rx2: 95/65
     Rx3: 65/45

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Wendy B27:13 Rx3 400m 35#bb carry; 12 jumping c2b; 65#thrusters; had to strip/load bar
Amanda Sc22:22 Rx3 400m 35lb carry/run; pull ups - green band, 55lb thrusters
mauricio30:00 Rx3 BB Carry, 65#, 2 Rope Climbs each Round
Rebeca28:20 Rx3 BB Carry, 35 lbs, Green Band Pull-ups
Robby G29:58 Rx2 With 8 rope climbs, last one legless
Angie39:20 Rx
Adam B29:22 Rx ran front parking lot unlike back lot last time...
Amy L20:00 Rx3 Carried 35 BB on runs
Brian L39:43 Rx PR x 6+ min..
Toby24:00  800m runs, hollow body holds, back squats off rack (shoulder probs)
Judy H23:13 Rx3 w/15# BB PR 6:40
Russ45:35 Rx Thanks for strolling with me, Amy
Joan26:48 Rx3 400 BB carry; 35#Th
Michelle S26:30 Rx2 rx2.5, ran 400 w/bb, rope climbs, 65# thrusters
M35:00  rc. 35# bb carry 400, 35# thruster
Heather38:35 Rx3 800 m BB Run, 3 RC, 55# Bar
Sheridan40:04 Rx Body was in slow motion today.
jennifer how29:05 Rx3 bar bell carry, 1/2 pull ups
Brittany W24:37  BB carry, 400m each time, pull ups with green band, 55#thrusters
Jeff R35:25 Rx
Dylan37:59 Rx shoulder pain..had to back way off
Angelika19:27 Rx3 400m run; 1 Green Banded PU;Started with #65 but switched #45 half way thru
Emily Co42:01 Rx
Dean33:33 Rx2 800m, pull ups, 95#
Scott Pa25:51 Rx3 10 lb ball carry, 10 lb dbth, 70 lb pull downs
Josh S40:00 Rx2 1 RC
Erin A34:44 Rx3 Rx BB carry, Jumping C2B, Rx2 thruster (faster than last time!)
Jeff B31:58 Rx
Danielle B39:31 Rx3 45# thruster, 35# barbell for 800 Meters, short rope climbs
Elizabeth K40:42 Rx2 800m 3 sort of rope climb/ 65#
Leslie28:34 Rx3 15# BB carry
Dawn M28:23 Rx3 15 BB Carry
James G32:30 Rx3 65#
Rachel Pr38:39 Rx3 35# 800 M, 55# Thrusters
Russell P46:55 Rx PR first full workout with rope climbs
Justin Gro45:50 Rx
Bianca26:00 Rx3 bb carry, 15lbs
Latrice24:00 Rx3 bar bell carry
Jennie25:12 Rx3
Marcy25:18 Rx3 bb carry,400 m walk(3rd round), ring rows
Abbey30:50 Rx2
Brigitte34:38 Rx3
Michael S35:11 Rx3 15# bb carry; 65# thrusters
Sam W39:36 Rx
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