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Tuesday Nov 20,2018

Ladder12: RC, BBJO

A. 90 sec Kneeling Wrist Stretches
    30 sec Crab Plank
B. Team Relays  
    25 ft Crab Walk Medball Carry
C. 3 Rounds
    7 False Grip Ring Rows
    7 Medball Sit-ups
    7 Parallel Box Dips

8:00 Time Cap
Accumulate Reps of:
False Grip Ring Row + Turn Over

12:00 Ladder
1-2-3-4... increase by 1 rep each Round
Rope Climbs
    Rx2: 5-10-15... Pull-ups by 5 reps
    Rx3: 10-15-20... Ring Rows by 10 Reps

*After each Round
10 Burpee Box Jump Overs (20')
   Rx2: Burpee Step Overs

*Elite with weighted Vest

0% 0%
1st39 +Angie Tue,Nov 20,2018
2nd47 Mary Wahl. Tue,Nov 20,2018
3rd36 Melissa L Tue,Nov 20,2018
1st56 +Toby Tue,Nov 20,2018
2nd53 +Adam B Tue,Nov 20,2018
3rd52 +Dylan R Tue,Nov 20,2018

Melody55 Rx3 15pu 40bbjo
Angie39 Rx+ 15# vest
Erin A37  rope climb attempts; frustration city today
Melissa L36 Rx 3 rounds completed
Toby56 Rx+
Joan77 Rx3
Walt90 Rx3
Danielle Born83 Rx3 started rope climbs ( did 3 but only climbed half way), then went to RR, burpee box step over
Josh S39 Rx2 Just burpess, no box jump over
Mary Wahl.47 Rx
Justin Gro44 Rx+ 20# vest
Judy H103 Rx3
Dylan R52 Rx+ 30# vest
Adam B53 Rx+
Spencer Boy136 Rx3 36 into Round 5 RR- Burpee Step Overs
Robert S108 Rx2 Pull ups/ BBJO
Jeff R36 Rx+
Kamill37 Rx+
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Jeff R 1:24pm

Jeff R 2:51pm