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Tuesday Apr 23,2019

Happy Birthday Tom Wa
Emom12: CindyBench Press 5 x 2Other Posted Results

Emom12: Cindy

A- 20 Calorie Bike  
B-  crab planks  
C- 2 Rounds  
   10 False Grip Ring Rows  
   7 DB Pull Overs  

Bench press  
5 x 2  

12:00 Emom  
5 Pull-ups  
10 Push-ups  
15 Air Squats  

Rx2: Ring Rows  
Rx(+):  Weight vest  

*Score = Completed Rounds

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1st9 +Lindsey Gro Tue,Apr 23,2019
2nd10 Rachel Pr Tue,Apr 23,2019
3rd9 Taylor Cof Tue,Apr 23,2019
1st12 +Bryan T Tue,Apr 23,2019
Jeff B Tue,Apr 23,2019
Toby Tue,Apr 23,2019
2nd11 +Justin Gro Tue,Apr 23,2019
3rd10 +Kamill Tue,Apr 23,2019
Jaron Tue,Apr 23,2019

Toby12 Rx+ 30# vest @home. That got rough quick 🥵
Amanda Sc11 Rx2
Robert S Sub 5 cal bike for squats. In vest. 265x2 bench
Walt12 Rx3 3,6,9 RR, situps instead of pushups; rehabing my shoulder
Dylan R12 Rx2 ring rows...20# vest
Wendy BRx2
Robby G12 Rx Butterfly pull-ups, awesome!
Christina MRx
Russ12 Rx2 6 rds 5-10-15, 6 rds 3-6-9
Jason K12 Rx3
Jaron10 Rx+ The vest was...ROUGH!! Awesome workout though
Kelly T10 Rx3 2 pull ups(thumb wrapped), 6 push ups, 9 squats
Taylor CofRx
Kate H12 Rx3
Justin Gro11 Rx+
Jeff B12 Rx+
Lindsey GroRx+
Bryan C12 Rx
Spencer BoyRx2
Erin ARx
Tom S4 rds Rx / 1 rd rest / 7 rds Rx3 Rx3
Kamill10 Rx+
Rachel Pr10 Rx
Reem11 Rx2
JennieRx2 i ended up just doing the full thing over and over and not keeping up with time.
Bryan T12 Rx+ With vest
Casey H12 Rx
Russell PRx+
Amy L12  3, 6, 9 ring rows, push ups, squats
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