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Saturday Nov 17,2018

Happy Birthday Bianca

Team2: Push-ups, PJ, HC, HC+JK

A. 2:00 Prone Pray Stretch
B. 2 Person  
    30-20-10 reps of:
    1-Arm empty barbell Strict Press
      *one in front and one in back
      *divide reps however
C. 1 Round
    5 Hi Hang High pulls
    5 Hi Hang 1/4 Squat Clean
    5 Power Jerks
    5 Hi Hang Clean + Jerk
      *focus quick transition  

2 Person Team
For Time
100 Flash Push-ups
   50 Push Jerks  
100 Flash Push-ups
   50 Hang Cleans
100 Flash Push-ups
   50 Hang Clean + Jerk

Rx: 115/75
Rx2: 75/55
Rx3: 55/35 and 50 Push-ups each Round

*Divide reps however

0% 0%
1st23:50 2Traci Sat,Nov 17,2018
2nd24:12 2Melissa L Sat,Nov 17,2018
3rd25:50 2Lindsey Gro Sat,Nov 17,2018
1st18:57 Robert S Sat,Nov 17,2018
Justin Gro Sat,Nov 17,2018
2nd22:55 Brian L Sat,Nov 17,2018
Russ Sat,Nov 17,2018
3rd25:50 Kamill Sat,Nov 17,2018

Joan24:34 Rx3 3 person team w Sandra & Claudia
Mary Wahl.23:50 Rx3 Team withjTracy, 45# bar
Sandra24:34 Rx3 3 person team w Joan and Claudia
Traci23:50 Rx2 with Mary: jerks and cleans rd #75, c&j 65#, pu's toes & knees
Claudia24:34 Rx3 3 person team w Joan and Sandra
Dawn M23:50 Rx3 20 lbs
Robert S18:57 Rx Thanks for carrying me Justin Gross
Leslie23:50 Rx3 w/Dawn M. #35
Melissa L24:12 Rx2 w/ Hanna Banana
Brian L22:55 Rx W/ Big Roo Russ!
Russ22:55 Rx W/ “Do I look good with my shirt off?”- Smoothie
Justin Gro18:57 Rx w/ Bobby 'The Beast' Slover
Kamill25:50 Rx W/ super Lindsey.. I held her back :(
Lindsey Gro25:50 Rx2 w/ Kamill
Casey24:35 Rx2 85lb
Jeff P24:26 Rx2 Kneeling pushups
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