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Most Recent Benchmark was Deadlift 1RM on Apr 30,2019 (20 days ago)

Saturday Apr 20,2019

Team2: :Row, HSPU

2 Person Team
2 Rounds for Time
80 Calorie Row
60 Handstand Push-Ups  
      Rx2: Mat + Plate
      Rx3: L-Sit DB Presses
      Rx(+): 3' Deficit  

*Devided reps + cals however

0% 0%
1st18:05 2Rachel Pr Sat,Apr 20,2019
2nd20:04 3Kate H Sat,Apr 20,2019
1st21:17 +Bryan C Sat,Apr 20,2019
2nd20:41 Justin Gro Sat,Apr 20,2019
3rd25:17 Robby G Sat,Apr 20,2019

Robby G25:17 Rx With big Russ, he carried me most of the second round. I did get one deficit hspu!
Kate H20:04 Rx3 80 cal row; 15# db press
Bryan C21:17 Rx+ w/ Sheridan
Russ25:17 Rx2 With the wonderfully hairy Robby Glover. Plate(s) + mat
Justin Gro20:41 Rx With Linds
Rachel Pr18:05 Rx2 15# plate + mat; did a few reps without plate on 2nd round; w/ Russ!
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Bryan C 11:50am
Unreal job on the deficit HSPU’s Sheridan. That was impressive.

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