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Friday Nov 16,2018

FT: Run, TTB, Pistols

2:00 Sprinters Stretch with Sky Reaches
        (goal: elbow to the ground)
2 Rounds
25 ft Forward Walking Lunges
25 ft Backward Walking Lunges
2:00 Tabata
Jogging Single Unders
    (switch between high knees and butt kicks)
200 m Run

10:00 Emom Mash-up
    5 Strict Dragon Flags
    8 1-Leg Romanian Deadlifts

For Time  
1,200 m Run
Then... 10 Rounds
5 Toes 2 Bar
    Rx2: Knee-ups
10 Pistols
    Rx2: Double KB Bulgarian Split Squats

* In weighted vest 20/14

0% 0%
1st25:08 +Angie Fri,Nov 16,2018
2nd21:05 Melissa L Fri,Nov 16,2018
3rd20:00 2Spencer Boy Fri,Nov 16,2018
1st19:35 +Toby Fri,Nov 16,2018
2nd23:29 +Justin Gro Fri,Nov 16,2018
3rd23:58 +Brian L Fri,Nov 16,2018

Erin A22:10 Rx2 1200m run with Ron; T2B; 18# KB Bulgarian SS
Angie25:08 Rx+ 14# vest. Dang those pistols were hard!
Brian L23:58 Rx+ 20# Vest (vest put a whole new perspective on being pistol whipped)
Walt25:24 Rx2
Russ29:28 Rx2 All rx except split squats instead of pistols
Justin Gro23:29 Rx+ 20# vest
Alma21:25 Rx2 14#pound vest on Run, Toes to bar first 7 rounds, then knee ups for 3, 18# Bulgarian split squad
Melissa L21:05 Rx All RX but no vest
Robert S21:20 Rx2 TTB/split squats
Toby19:35 Rx+ 30# vest
Spencer Boy20:00 Rx2 1200M Run; #18LB KBSS; Knee Ups
Kamill19:56 Rx2 vest#20 - KB SQ
Jimmy19.55 Rx2 Vest #20 - KB SQ
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