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Tuesday Feb 27,2018

Welcome Sydnee

FT: Row, OH Sit-ups

For Time


Calorie Row

Overhead Sit-ups
    Rx: 25/15
    Rx2: 15/10
*30 Double Unders after each round

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1st19:09 Stacie Tue,Feb 27,2018
2nd19:42 Angie Tue,Feb 27,2018
3rd24:12 Taylor Cof Tue,Feb 27,2018
1st17:27 Toby Tue,Feb 27,2018
2nd19:22 Larry B Tue,Feb 27,2018
3rd20:01 Robert S Tue,Feb 27,2018

Kate B99:99  Didn’t finish, 22:13, 5# oh su, 60 single unders per round, total reps 335
Roy21:28  Push Ups not sit ups 18.1 yesterday
Angie19:42 Rx
Taylor Cof24:12 Rx
John B22:30 Rx
Brittany D23:58  Singles. RX’d everything else.
Robert S20:01 Rx
Judy H30:10  10#OHSU 5 DUs each round
Walt27:14  Rx2
Justin Gro22:36 Rx
Dylan R20:23  row, KB squat, mix of DU and SU
Larry B19:22 Rx
Toby17:27 Rx
Jason K27:00  Missed a few DU’s
Angelika20:00  Took it easy today, coming back from being sick.; Push ups
Melissa L23:39  singles; 15# plate
Katia20:16  15# plate ,but 30 SU (saving the calf)
Susan26:26  15# plate, 10 DUs
Danielle Born26:06  15# back extensions ( pulled ab muscle) 60 SU
Stephanie B28:28  rx2
Leslie30:00  1/2 the row @ 2; 10lb Sit-ups; 10 DU- got 10 single/DU in a row :-) bad trap still
Haylie29:32 Rx2 rx2
Sydnee28:05 Rx2
David F20:56 Rx2 60 singles; 45# plate
Jeff B20:49 Rx
Spencer Boy24:10 Rx2 #15 Overhead Sit Ups & 10 DU
Stacie19:09 Rx
Melody36:30 Rx Should have done 10du but got first 60 and too late to turn back
Kelly T28:20 Rx2 15# plate, 10 DU’s each round
Abbey33:36 Rx2
Tom S44:44 Rx2 25# plate, 10 DU
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