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Thursday Oct 19,2017

3RFT: WB, HSOHS: 3 x 3 (13x1)


3 Rounds  
24 Wall Balls 20/14
      Rx2: 14/10
12 Hang Snatches 115/75
      Rx2: 75/55
      Rx3: 55/35
      Elite: 135/95

*Rest 2:00 between rounds

0% 0%
1st8:21 Lisa J Thu,Oct 19,2017
2nd9:40 Angie Thu,Oct 19,2017
3rd11:30 Taylor Cof Thu,Oct 19,2017
1st9:45 Roy Thu,Oct 19,2017
2nd10:49 Sam W Thu,Oct 19,2017
3rd13:18 Russ Thu,Oct 19,2017

Wendy B9:19 Rx2 as written; all wb's unbroken; 1st set of hs unbroken (2 at 6&6)
Christy10:10 Rx2 14#wb (all unbroken), 55#snatch (2X 6)
Stacy12:19 Rx2 rx wall ball (#14); 55# hang (working on this)
Angie9:40 Rx WB unbroken. HS unbroken, then 6 & 6 for rounds 2&3.
Roy9:45 Rx Same as Angie and Wendy
Russ13:18 Rx
Jason K12:34 Rx2 95# hang snatch
Melody10:23 Rx2 14# unbroken wb #55 hs
John B12:20 Rx2
Emily Co12:13 Rx
Taylor Cof11:30 Rx
Josh S10:43 Rx2 95lb snatch
Brian L13:49 Rx2 95# HS (UGGGH - never take a week off)
Spencer Bor13:33 Rx 135#
Robby G10:28 Rx2 95 lbs
Elizabeth K12:55 Rx2 Power snatch at 55#
Sam W10:49 Rx
Lisa J8:21 Rx
Larry B10:51 Rx2 95#
Abbey12:00  20lbs
Katia10:24 Rx2 65# snatch 14#WB
Tom S13:20 Rx2
Alex P10:40 Rx2 14# WB 65# HS
Russell P8:52 Rx2 last set went from 75 to 95 on the hang snatch. Last set HS broken up into 5&7
Joy F12:54 Rx3
Antonio16:23 Rx w/ 30# WB
Sheridan11:04 Rx2 65# snatches--snatches weren't feeling too great today!
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Jeff R 9:40am

Roy 7:58am
Great job 5:30AM!  Way push those sets of WB’s.  Stacy and Faith, good work on the hang snatches.