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Wednesday Mar 7,2018

Happy Birthday Kristy W
Matt Sp
Welcome Bianca & Brigitte
FT: Singles, Sit-ups, BPOther Posted Results

FT: Singles, Sit-ups, BP

For Time
100-80-60-40-20: Singles
50-40-30-20-10: Sit-ups
25-20-15-10-5: Bench Press
Rx: 135/95
Rx2: 95/65
Rx3: 55/35

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1st23:30 Emily Co Wed,Mar 7,2018
2nd18:46 2Taylor Cof Wed,Mar 7,2018
3rd22:24 2Melissa L Wed,Mar 7,2018
1st12:03 Bryan C Wed,Mar 7,2018
2nd12:55 David F Wed,Mar 7,2018
3rd14:02 Jason K Wed,Mar 7,2018

Emily Co23:30 Rx
Mark L17:53 Rx2 As written should have gone heavier on bench
Matt Sp17:28 Rx
Christy18:06 Rx2 Singles were not pretty!
Jason K14:02 Rx
Ken H17:43 Rx2
Danielle Born17:43 Rx3 50#BP
Judy H17:58 Rx3
Brittany D19:58 Rx3 45# BP
Russ18:30 ish Rx Bp burn out. Singles were surprisingly out of rhythm.
Larry B18:33 Rx Russ's handlebar mustache kept tripping up my SU's.
Roy17:02 Rx Dang Kisz!!!!!
Walt21:35 Rx3 55#-BP; Half as many JRs & SUs
Rachel Pr19:02 Rx3 55# BP
Melissa L22:24 Rx2
Brian L20:36 Rx BP was slow
Bryan C12:03 Rx
David F12:55 Rx
Susan19:24 Rx3 started at 45# drop to #40
Dylan R15:47 Rx
Rob L23:00 Rx Partnered with Jimmy. Kept pace great
Janelle23:13 Rx2 95# first round and half of second. Then 75#.
Taylor Cof18:46 Rx2 95# BP first 35 reps then dropped to 75# :(
Elizabeth K18:59 Rx3 55# BP
Results Posted: 24