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Tuesday Feb 21,2017

Strict Press 5 x 8Emom10: RD, K2EOther Posted Results

Strict Press 5 x 8

Part A    
Establish a heavy 1 rep single Strict Press

Part B:
5 Rounds  
8 Strict Press @ 75% of Heavy single

Strategies: Build weights in pyramid format to sustain 8 reps each round

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Wendy B65 Rx 35-55-65-60-55 (72 percent of 1rm)
Stacy60 Rx
Shawn B55 Rx
Mark L105 Rx
Dylan95 Rx
Angie65 Rx
Jason K140 Rx 95/115/135/140/135
Toby105 Rx
Erin A60 Rx
Georgie85 Rx
Judy H40 Rx
Josh R125 Rx
Josh S115 Rx
Katia70lb Rx 45,55,65,70,55
Phil105 Rx
Blake70 Rx
Alex P70 Rx
Lesliena Rx wrist - 45, 55, 65, 55, 45 Back Squat -
David F125# Rx
Adam B125 Rx 65-75-95-115-125 Got 130 4 times
Paul G125 Rx Had to rest in between 5 to 8 rep
Spencer B115 Rx
Tom S75 Rx 5 reps @ 95
Dee105 Rx
Jeff B135 Rx
Amy L65 Rx
Greg D75# Rx
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