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Tuesday Nov 7,2017

Open WOD: CrossFit Open 16.1Other Posted Results

CrossFit Open 16.1

Open WOD: Reps-Rx2
20:00 Amrap
8 Overhead Lunges 95/65  
  Rx2: 45/35
  Masters: Body Weight
8 Burpees Over the Bar
8 Overhead Lunges 95/65
  Rx2: 45/35
  Masters: Body  
8 Chest 2 Bar          
  Rx2: Jumping C2B

*each 8 Lunge block = 5 Reps
*1 Round = 26 Reps

The Open standards call for 25ft Ovh Lunges. Students may substitute Step-back or Step-out Lunges.

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Amanda Sc164 Rx2
Wendy B169 Rx2 6.5 rnds; rx2 as written
Stacy208 Rx2
Robby G109 Rx Still getting over my cold, hard to breath, taking time between rounds.
Roy177 Rx2 45#/C2B
Angie169 Rx 6 rounds + 8 lunges, 8 burpees & 3 lunges (not counted in score)
Brian L135 Rx
Russ104 Rx ctb 1 @ a time.
Dylan R104 Rx
Jason K130 Rx
Toby156 Rx
Brittany D117 Rx2 25#
Taylor Cof130- 5 rounds Rx2 65# OHL, jumping C2B
Justin Gro135 Rx
Christy161 Rx2 45#ohl, jumping c2b , 6 rounds 8 ohl
Sheridan148 Rx 5 rounds + 8 lunges, 8 burpees, 8 lunges
Adam B200 Rx
Emily Co134 Rx2 RX WEIGHT! jumping C2B
Melissa L138 Rx2
Susan159 Rx2 15# bar jumping C2B
Elizabeth K135 Rx2 35#
Bryan182 Rx 7 rds--beat last score by a round
Jeff B169 Rx
Leslie104  jump C2B; 15# OH Lunge
Tom S78  master RX (65# / pull ups) - 30 reps more than 2016
Lisa J182 Rx2 7 rounds with 65#
Katia130 Rx First time doing C2B
Larry B91 Rx
Jimmy122 Rx2 75lbs
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