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Saturday Feb 18,2017

Happy Birthday Grace
Gymversary Sandra-3 & Cheryl A-3
Welcome Allison
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The Chief

5 rounds of:
3 min AMRAP with 1 min rest between rounds

  3 Cleans 135/95
          Rx2: 95/65
          Rx3: 65/45
  6 Flash Push-Ups
  9 Bodyweight Squats

0% 0%
1st314 Katia Sat,Feb 18,2017
2nd277 Alex P Sat,Feb 18,2017
3rd250 Lori F Sat,Feb 18,2017
1st407 Justin Gro Sat,Feb 18,2017
2nd393 Bryan Sat,Feb 18,2017
3rd326 Sam W Sat,Feb 18,2017

Georgie192 Rx2
Judy H317 Rx3
Stacy364 Rx2
Russ303 Rx
Bryan393 Rx
Elle352 Rx2
Katia314 Rx
Chaz221 Rx2 115# cleans
Sam W326 Rx
Lindsey Gro342 Rx3
Justin Gro407 Rx
Alex P277 Rx
Leslie206 Rx3
Josh S324 Rx
Susan342 Rx3 55#
Krissy371 Rx3 55# clean
Elizabeth K364 Rx3 55#
Melody390 Rx2
Lori F250 Rx
Phil253 Rx
Mike B190 Rx
Jenny C276 Rx3
Chad C239 Rx
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