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Thursday Jan 17,2019

Happy Birthday Alex L & Carissa
Welcome Mark P & Reem & Kenneth & Kathryn L & Ravi
BB Complex: DL, HC, FS, PJ, THOther Posted Results

BB Complex: DL, HC, FS, PJ, TH

A. 2 Rounds
    300 m Row
    90/90 Hip Switch
    5 Goblet Squats (3 sec down tempo)
B. Wrist Stretches
    Prone Pryer Stretch  
    30 sec Chin-up Grip Hang from Pull-up Bar
C. 2 Rounds
    5 Kang Squats
    5 BR Turn Overs
    5 BR Strict Press  

2 Rounds of unbroken complex
    (1st round empty bar)

Not For Time
3 Rounds
15 Deadlifts
12 Hang Cleans
9 Front Squats
6 Push Jerks
3 Clustes (Squat Clean + Thruster)

Perform exercise as unbroken set
Rest as needed between exercises and Rounds
Score = Weight

0% 0%
1st125 Lisa J Thu,Jan 17,2019
2nd105 Blake Thu,Jan 17,2019
Angie Thu,Jan 17,2019
3rd85 Erin A Thu,Jan 17,2019
1st185 Bryan T Thu,Jan 17,2019
Roy Thu,Jan 17,2019
2nd165 Jeff R Thu,Jan 17,2019
Jeff B Thu,Jan 17,2019
Robert S Thu,Jan 17,2019
Russ Thu,Jan 17,2019
3rd145 Robby G Thu,Jan 17,2019
Toby Thu,Jan 17,2019

Robby G145 Rx 95,135,145 Ugly!!!
Roy185 Rx
Jeff R165 Rx
Amy L75  sumo semi squats
Amanda Sc65  60, 60, 65
Dylan R125 Rx
Alma75 Rx 55,65,75
Toby145 Rx Grip slipped on last hang clean at 155. Fun workout!
Angie105 Rx
Robert S165 Rx
Lisa J125 Rx
Justin Gro135 Rx
Judy H50 Rx
Brittany D55,55,60 Rx
Russ165 Rx 135,165,95
Walt55 Rx 35,45,55#; great WOD for working on form
Bryan T185 Rx x5 PJ; x2 Clusters @ 205lb
Christina M50 Rx
Jaron95 Rx
Michael Ber95 Rx
Erin A85 Rx 65-75-85
Melissa L80 Rx 55;65;80
Russell L65 Rx shoulder
Brian L135 Rx 95-135-75 (75 was unbroken complex)
Casey H100 Rx 75,85,100
Larry B135 Rx
Dawn M15 1st rd, 20 2nd rd & 25 3rd rd Rx 21:31
Jaz80 Rx
Jeff B165 Rx
Tom S115 Rx
Jennie60 Rx for the squats/clusters used 35 lb bar due to knee injury
Blake105 Rx 65,85,105
Haylie50 Rx 35, 45, 50
Melody75 Rx 65,75,85 I agree ❤️ This wod
Sarah S80 Rx 55,75,80
Results Posted: 35