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Friday Dec 8,2017

FT: RD, HSStrength: BP: 5 x 3


10:00 Time Cap
30 Ring Dips
     Rx2: Parallel Box Dips
     Rx3: 50 Tricep Dips
30 Hang Snatches 115/75
     Rx2: 75/55
     Rx3: 55/35

*Add 1 sec for every rep over Time Cap

0% 0%
1st7:48 Angie Fri,Dec 8,2017
2nd5:53 2Melody Fri,Dec 8,2017
3rd6:17 2Erin A Fri,Dec 8,2017
1st3:34 Bryan Fri,Dec 8,2017
2nd5:02 Toby Fri,Dec 8,2017
3rd6:29 Justin Gro Fri,Dec 8,2017

Robby G5:58 Rx2 parallel box dip, 95 lbs, 10 at 115 after and ring hold for 20 seconds
Angie7:48 Rx
Bryan3:34 Rx
Erin A6:17 Rx2
Robert S6:33 Rx2 95# Snatch
Brian L7:28 Rx2 95#
Toby5:02 Rx Snatches got rough! Still not feeling 100%
Justin Gro6:29 Rx
Melody5:53 Rx2
Dylan4:42 Rx2 ring dips, 75#
Tom9:46 Rx2 30 jump to static hold on rings (+ working negative) / 75# HS
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Toby 9:13am
Great job on that bench press this morning Bobby!