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Friday Jan 6,2017

Front Squat 7 x 2 @ 1x3x11:00 intervals: Burp, HSC, Row

Front Squat 7 x 2 @ 1x3x1

7 Rounds
2 Front Squats

*Tempo 1x3x1
(1 sec down, 3 sec at bottom, 1 sec up)

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Wendy B115 Rx
Roy245 Rx
Shawn B105 Rx
Stacy100 Rx
Dee165 Rx
Christy115 Rx fr rack
Amanda Sc100 Rx
Laura W145 Rx
JJ245# Rx
Brian L175 Rx 1 rep at 195
Toby205 Rx 4x2 Had more, ran out of time.
Russ205 Rx
Jason K205 Rx
Melody115 Rx 65 85 95 105 115
Erin A100 Rx
Amanda Sa90 Rx
John B185 Rx Did one at 195, couldn't pull out two
Jimmy165 Rx
Tom S75 Rx Because that's all I have
Antonio205 Rx
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