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Monday Aug 28,2017

Happy Birthday Sydnee & BERNARDO
1RFT: Row, FS, BurpMax: Clean + Jerk 1RMOther Posted Results

1RFT: Row, FS, Burp

1 Round for Time
1,000 m Row
50 Front Squats 95/65
30 Bar Over Burpees

Rx2: 65/45
Rx3: 55/35

*Clean the bars form the Floor

0% 0%
1st10:39 Angie Mon,Aug 28,2017
2nd10:49 Sheridan Mon,Aug 28,2017
3rd10:50 Katia Mon,Aug 28,2017
1st9:09 Toby Mon,Aug 28,2017
Dylan R Mon,Aug 28,2017
2nd9:41 Justin Gro Mon,Aug 28,2017
3rd9:45 Adam B Mon,Aug 28,2017

Robby G13:08 Rx
Stacy30 Rx2 12:08 time; 45# push press instead of front squat due to IT band injury
Mark L14:12 Rx2
Wendy B13:06 Rx
Christy13:49 Rx
Angie10:39 Rx
Justin Gro9:41 Rx
Dylan R9:09 Rx
Sheridan10:49 Rx Man, nice work Angie!!
Spencer Bor10:17 Rx
Toby9:09 Rx
Katia10:50 Rx felt strong on front squats today... either warm up was on point or nutrition challenge is at work!
John Ne9:00 Rx
Michelle S12:17 Rx
Judy H13:34 Rx3
Melody16:45 Rx2 55
John B10:29  Slow air squats (groin)
Chad C12:36 Rx2
Jeff R19:52  Barbell
Emily Co13:43 Rx
Melissa L12:50 Rx2
Krissy13:21 Rx2 still going light and steady
Janelle13:30 Rx
Alexis16:38 Rx
Brian L14:05 Rx UGH
Josh R10:17 Rx
David F9:57 Rx
Leslie15:40 Rx3
Bethany16:06 Rx2
Elizabeth K14:46 Rx 65#
Alex P15:16 Rx
Jeff B9:55 Rx
Larry B12:32 Rx
Adam B9:45 Rx
Spencer Boy17:17 Rx2 #45 Front Squat; Elbow sore from burpees
Tom S19:57 Rx2
Joy F22:09 Rx3 felt low on fuel
Sam W15:38 Rx slow and sharp on the squats
Jimmy14:41 Rx2 Rx for all stations, but jumping over the bar was not Rx 'standard', hence the Rx2 post
Results Posted: 39