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Tuesday, Aug 15, 2017

Happy Birthday Michelle S
Cameron C
Welcome Cameron C


Kettlebell Swings 70/53
   Rx2: 53/35
   Rx3: 35/26
Knees 2 Elbow  
   Rx2: Knee-ups
1200 m Run

Kettlebell Swings  
Knees 2 Elbow

100% 0%
Chosen as WOD: Tue,Aug 15,2017
1st16:23 Sheridan Tue,Aug 15,2017
2nd18:06 Lisa J Tue,Aug 15,2017
3rd12:54 2Stacy Tue,Aug 15,2017
1st12:55 Toby Tue,Aug 15,2017
2nd13:08 Cameron C Tue,Aug 15,2017
3rd13:15 Spencer B Tue,Aug 15,2017

Amanda Sc14:24 Rx2
Stacy12:54 Rx2 44# kettle bell
Christy16:19 Rx2 44#kbs, k2e & Kup combo.800m cash out
Brian L17:09 Rx 1st time w the Cherry Bomb!
Toby12:55 Rx
Scott Pa20:34 Rx2
Mary W18:28 Rx3 26#
Robby G20:57 Rx Run/walk babying the knee
Michelle S21:07 Rx2 lost track, so think I did an extra round - all good tho
Cameron C13:08 Rx
Justin Gro16:50 Rx
Heather14:00 Rx2
Sheridan16:23 Rx
Mark L18:08 Rx2
Melissa14:40 Rx3 Row
Russell17:54 Rx 1st time w the Cherry Bomb!
Jeff B15:43 Rx
Erin A15:42 Rx2 as written
Kim B17:09 Rx3 26#kb, knee ups
Zach17:20 Rx2 53#kb
Leslie20:20 Rx3 26KB; knee ups: ran treadmill
Jeff R14:40 Rx3 44 kb, Row
Jeff He14:24 Rx
Antonio14:16 Rx
Lisa J18:06 Rx
Katia18:11 Rx2 44#- Felt super weak on run and grip still ripped from murph
Spencer P15:54 Rx3 #26 KB, Knee Ups Sit Up Work Out with Katia After
Gina19:55 Rx3 26# KB, Knee-ups
Stephanie S19:50  18 lbs, box knee ups, Row
Tom21:55 Rx2 Russian w/ 70# last half
Spencer B13:15 Rx
Jimmy16:57 Rx as written - First time with 'THE BOMB'
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Jeff R 4:59pm