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Wednesday Mar 20,2019

Welcome Kate H
Amrap15: HSPU, SC, RCOther Posted Results

Amrap15: HSPU, SC, RC

A- 200 m Suit Case Carry
B- 30 sec Budda Stretch
    20 Frog Squats
C- 2 Rounds
    10 Handstand Shoulder Taps
         Rx2: Wall Walk Shoulder Taps
    10 Chin-up Grip Knee 2 Elbow

8:00 Build-up
2 Front Squats
   (3 sec down tempo)

15:00 Amrap
30 Handstand Push-ups
     Rx2: Plate + Mat
     Rx3: Pike HSPU
20 Hang Sqaut Cleans 155/105
     Rx2: 115/75
     Rx3: 75/55
10 Rope Climbs
     Rx2: 3 Rope Climbs
     Rx3: 15 Jumping Pull-ups

*Score = Reps

0% 0%
1st71 Angie Wed,Mar 20,2019
2nd93 2Rachel Pr Wed,Mar 20,2019
3rd82 2Melissa L Wed,Mar 20,2019
1st97 Jeff B Wed,Mar 20,2019
2nd94 John Ro Wed,Mar 20,2019
3rd93 Toby Wed,Mar 20,2019

Jeff B97 Rx 225, 255 x1
Adam B90 Rx
Angie71 Rx
Brian L51 Rx Made it to RC's (Goal accomplished)
Bryan T83 Rx
Mary Wahlstrom.54 Rx3 hspu, 55#clean squat, 4 rope climb, 44# sc
Toby93 Rx strict HSPU. too much pacing on first set of squat cleans.
Justin Gro56  Hang Clean and then a front squat (wrist), the rest RX
Dylan R65 Rx Strict hspu
Alma80  HSPU, weighted sit-ups, pull-ups
Robert S76  HSPU, Hang clean 155#, pull ups
Melissa L82 Rx2 HSPU w/25# plate
Walt115 Rx3 15# L-press; 55# squat clean
John Ro94 Rx
Rachel Pr93 Rx2 HSPU w/ 15# plate
Erin A127  HSPU 45# plate + mat; 75# HSC; kipping pull-ups
Larry B55 Rx2 mix of hspu and lsit, rx weight
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