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Monday Jul 10,2017

3RFT: Run, DL, RCOther Posted Results

3RFT: Run, DL, RC

3 Rounds For Time
400 m Run  
5 Deadlifts @ 75% of 1RM
2 Rope Climbs
   Rx2: 5 Strict Pull-ups
   Rx3: 10 Strict Ring Rows
   Elite: Legless

0% 0%
1st12:45 Joy P Mon,Jul 10,2017
2nd12:50 Angie Mon,Jul 10,2017
3rd13:09 Amanda Sa Mon,Jul 10,2017
1st8:26 +Toby Mon,Jul 10,2017
2nd20:39 +Adam B Mon,Jul 10,2017
3rd10:44 Antonio Mon,Jul 10,2017

Wendy B14:27  155#dl; ring rows
Rachel H11:17 Rx2 Green band
Ana S12:02 Rx2 85lb; red and blue band, 1 rope climb (s hook)
Shawn B13:10  125 DL; ring rows; back problems
Christy10:52  145DL, ring rows
Brian L12:22 Rx 225# DL (What a BEAST of a 730 Class!)
Dylan R11:34 Rx 4 legless; 245#
Justin Gro12:23 Rx J Hook Climbs, 255#
Brynlee18:25  Short rope 1x 5 pu 1x 30#dl 3 rounds
Michelle S15:46 Rx had delay in 1st round helping Brynlee and shoe change in-between rope/run
Lauren Hol16:23 Rx2 135# deadlift, 3 full rope climbs, 3 halfway up
Larry B13:19 Rx 2.5 legless - 255 DL
Spencer Bor10:31 Rx+
Toby8:26 Rx+
Angie12:50 Rx
John B12:49 Rx2 185 (under 75)
Mark L16:49 Rx2 170 dl
Jason B14:29 Rx+ 345#
Jason K11:25 Rx2 225DL pull ups
Andrew B12:29  225# DL, 400, RC, 2 Rounds; enough for this old man in this 2:30 pm inferno!
Sam W11:23 Rx
Kathryn S12:49 Rx2 200 m/ 155 DL/rope pulls
Josh R10:30 Rx 345 DL
Kim B12:25 Rx2 75# DL, rope pulls
Adam B20:39 Rx+ Well I will just leave this here..;( 265 DL
Leslie16:48  105DL (115 is 75%); did 1 little rope climb
Antonio10:44 Rx 315#DL
Katia17:05  155# (75), 6 rope climbs, row instead of run because of cramped calf.
Janelle14:00 Rx2 Rx except short rope. 175# DL
Joy P12:45 Rx
Spencer Boy13:03 Rx2 #45 DL
Jimmy13:23 Rx 225 DL
Paul G11:34 Rx 275DL
Jeff P8:55 Rx2 225 pullups
Melissa LNo clue lol Rx 115 DL: RC on short rope
Amanda Sa13:09 Rx #105 DL
Jeff B11:20 Rx 275 dl
Joy F14:14 Rx2 green + blue band
Jeff R13:01 Rx 255 DL
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