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Tuesday Feb 28,2017

5RFT: RC, HSPU, RowOther Posted Results


5 Rounds For Time
3 Rope Climbs  
     Rx2: Body Pulls
     Rx3: 9 Ring Rows
12 Handstand Push-ups
     Rx2: Plate + Mat
     Rx3: Box HSPU
24 Calorie Row

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1st37:09 Michelle S Tue,Feb 28,2017
2nd21:23 2Katia Tue,Feb 28,2017
3rd21:47 2Elizabeth K Tue,Feb 28,2017
1st15:26 Toby Tue,Feb 28,2017
2nd22:17 Adam B Tue,Feb 28,2017
3rd28:05 David F Tue,Feb 28,2017

Wendy B24:13 Rx2 body pulls; strict hspu w/plate&abmat; 24 cal row
Amanda Sc21:00 Rx3
Stacy24:36 Rx2 Rope pulls; 25#&10# handstand push ups
Roy99:99 Rx 3 Rds Rx Working those HSPU
Justin Gro29:20 Rx
Jenny C23:40 Rx3
Angie23:20 Rx2 1 rc per round, HSPU w plate & ab mat
Jeff B28:30 Rx
Jason K99:99 Rx2 Worked on RC
Toby15:26 Rx
Erin A20:13 Rx3 Body pulls, FlashPU
Judy H23:06 Rx3
Michelle S37:09 Rx sloooow go today..
Larry B34:06 Rx2 RX RC's and row, plated HSPU
John B28:36 Rx2 Rx2-ish. 1RC@, HSPU w/plate. 24 CR
Jeff R29:29 Rx2 Legless
Alexis23:32 Rx2 1 rc every round, 10 lb plate and mat hspu
Kim B23:25 Rx3
Renata22:19 Rx3 Body Pull, Modified FPU (34 weeks)
Elizabeth K21:47 Rx2 body pulls / 25#plate abmat
Timothy B23:27 Rx3
David F28:05 Rx all legless; abmat only
Tony36:36 Rx2 RC's, HSPU 25# ABMAT
Bob23:28 Rx3 ring rows, FPUs
Sam W34:43 Rx2 1 round rx HSPU, rx for the rest
Christopher T40:00 Rx2 2 Rope Climbs each round; 1st round legless
Antonio38:46 Rx2 HSPU on 25lB plate
Adam B22:17 Rx I think i am getting COLD...dammit=(
Tammy M41:00 Rx2 Hspu's with plate and mat
Tom S29:04 Rx3 RX3+ 2 RC for 2 rds, 1 RC for 3 rds, pushups
Janelle30:07 Rx3 1 rope climb per round (2 tall rope, last 3 short rope) flash push ups
Katia21:23 Rx2 First 2 rounds RX - then RX on HSPU & RX 2 on rope with 1rc and 2 bp.
Jimmy34:58 Rx2 15 RC, HSPU with plate & Matt
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