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Friday Jul 7,2017

Ladder8: TTB, BSSBench Press 5 x 5

Ladder8: TTB, BSS

8:00 Ladder
2 Toes 2 Bar
2 Bulgarian Split Squats
   (2 each leg)
4 Toes 2 Bar
4 Bulgarian Split Squat
6 Toes 2 Bar
6 Bulgarian Split Squat

Increase by 2 reps each round

Rx2: Knee-ups and Walking lunges

0% 0%
1st70 Janelle Fri,Jul 7,2017
2nd168 2Angelika Fri,Jul 7,2017
3rd134 2Amanda Sc Fri,Jul 7,2017
1st264 Toby Fri,Jul 7,2017
2nd254 Adam B Fri,Jul 7,2017
3rd223 David F Fri,Jul 7,2017

Robby G80 Rx did not get to toes to bar on 10's, started on squat
Shawn B90 Rx2 knee ups used PC for balance
Stacy131 Rx2 Knee ups....
Brian L154 Rx
Amanda Sa126 Rx2 Knees to shoulders ;-)
Toby264 Rx
Russ100 Rx
Roy102 Rx
Josh R102 Rx
Janelle70 Rx
Adam B254 Rx
Kelly T120 Rx2
Kim B124 Rx2 knee ups
Tony131 Rx
Bryan C184 Rx
Elizabeth K126  knee ups
David F223 Rx
Joy F73 Rx2
Tom S102 Rx2 Knee ups
Angelika168 Rx2 knee ups
Bethany149 Rx2 Knee ups
Larry B169 Rx
Zach69 Rx
Amanda Sc134 Rx2
Antonio166 Rx
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