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Tuesday Apr 25,2017

BE, Situps, Burp, T2R, RMUOther Posted Results

BE, Situps, Burp, T2R, RMU

1 Round for Time
50 Back Extensions
40 Sit-ups
30 Burpees
20 Toes 2 Rings              
     Rx2: Ring Knee Ups
10 Ring Muscle-ups        
     Rx2: Ring Chin Ups
     Rx3: Jumping Pull-ups
20 Toes 2 Rings      
     Rx2: Ring Knee Ups
30 Burpees
40 Sit-ups
50 Back Extensions

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TodayAll Time

Amanda Sc22:46 Rx2
Dee28:10 Rx2
Wendy B22:47 Rx2 ring knees to chest; ring chin-ups (kipping)
Roy20:00 Rx2 Hips2Rings
Paul G22:15 Rx2 Chest to rings.
Toby13:16 Rx Broke up MU a lot today (shoulder).
Michelle S19:55 Rx2 all rx except did chin ups
Judy H22:08 Rx3
Dean22:47 Rx2 Ring chin ups
Melissa L20:23 Rx3 knee ups
Erin A21:47 Rx3 knee ups (tried toes to rings and could do a few. yay!), jumping pull-ups
Russ23:00 Rx2 Chest to rings
Christy23:32 Rx3 toes to rings, jumping pull ups
Justin Gro19:19 Rx2 Chest 2 rings
Mark L22:23 Rx3
Saundra20:47 Rx3 Rings knees to chest, jumping pullup
John B17:44 Rx2 no MU, but did rings to chest
Larry B19:27 Rx2 all rings, ctr, ttr
Spencer Bor17:03 Rx
Janelle21:38 Rx3 Toes to ring & knee ups; jumping PUs
Bryan17:12 Rx
Alex P22:53 Rx2
Leslie24:56 Rx3 all Rx except Muscle ups (waited 45 secs for rings/not shown in time)
David F15:08 Rx2 10 ring CU's rest RX
Kim B22:26 Rx3 ring knee ups, jumping chin ups
Alexis22:53 Rx2 RX everything except chinups
Katia19:07 Rx2 ring T2B and ring chin-ups
John D31:30 Rx3 knee ups; jumping chin ups
Mike B37:15 Rx2 Chinups
Tom S35:27 Rx2 T2R first rd, Knee ups 2nd rd
Tammy M20:46 Rx2 Ring chin upd
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