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Thursday Jul 20,2017

Happy Birthday Ben M & John M

2K Run, 10 Rnds Cindy

For Time
2,000 m Run
Then... 10 Rounds of Cindy
   5 Pull-ups
   10 Flash Push-ups
   15 Air Squats

Rx2: Bands
Rx3: Rings 1,600 Run, 7 Rounds Cindy
Elite: 20# Vest

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1st24:06 Lindsey Gro Thu,Jul 20,2017
2nd29:01 Katia Thu,Jul 20,2017
3rd27:00 2Joy F Thu,Jul 20,2017
1st21:14 +Toby Thu,Jul 20,2017
2nd22:03 +Dylan R Thu,Jul 20,2017
3rd22:59 +Adam B Thu,Jul 20,2017

Stacy25:43 Rx2 Banded pull ups
Judy H33:20 Rx3 2000 m run (19:21)
Paul G25:00 Rx+ 20lb vest
Toby21:14 Rx+
Dylan R22:03 Rx+
Andrew B25:03  1000m & 7 Rds, Rx Movements. Gave myself a 25m time cap. When you are older time caps are a good idea to aid with the slower recovery!
Kim D33:28 Rx3
Mary Wahlstrom.38:40 Rx2 Row 2000, green band 10 rounds
John B28:30 Rx (pulled calf on last 400)
Mark L38:26 Rx2 Coach Jeff said no more banded pull ups jumping off floor.
Tom S45:15 Rx
Erin A30:38 Rx2 13:29 run, thick green band
Julie St28:56 Rx2 2000 row
Emily Co36:42 Rx2 black band
Melissa L31:05 Rx2
Bob30:53 Rx
Katia29:01 Rx 13:21 for run
Josh R34:37 Rx+ 40 lb vest
Brian L31:37 Rx AM Classes - be very happy!
Janelle37:10 Rx2 Ran with 20# vest in 14:36
Jeff B33:56 Rx+ 20# vest Hotter 'n hot!!
Lindsey Gro24:06 Rx walked a little bit on the run
Adam B22:59 Rx+ 10:29 on 2,000 run...
Justin Gro25:15 Rx+
Jeff He24:49 Rx+
Leslie30.06 Rx3
Greg P30:00  1mile run, 5 Round cindy, Rings
Jimmy33:23 Rx+
Spencer Boy33:58 Rx3 Rx for everything except ring rows
Joy F27:00 Rx2 6 rounds; 1st class after 1 week shoulder rest; #5 on rower, blue+green, box dips/no pu
Rob L23:04 Rx 2k in 9:40
David F28:14 Rx+ 20# vest
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