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Tuesday Jul 18,2017

30-20-10: Row, DL, BJ

30 - 20 - 10
Calorie Row
Deadlifts 225/155
     Rx3: 115/75
Box Jump 24/20
     Rx2: 20/18
     Rx3: step ups

Masters 56+ Rx
Calorie Row
Deadlifts 155/105
Box Jump 20/18 Step-Ups Allowed

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1st15:54 Sheridan Tue,Jul 18,2017
2nd19:45 Katia Tue,Jul 18,2017
3rd20:11 Erin A Tue,Jul 18,2017
1st11:35 Bryan C Tue,Jul 18,2017
2nd12:43 David F Tue,Jul 18,2017
3rd13:06 Jeff B Tue,Jul 18,2017

Wendy B21:54 Rx
Stacy19:49 Rx2 135#; box jumps
Emily Co24:02 Rx2
Dean13:29 Rx2 185#
Russ15:49 Rx
Toby14:13 Rx
Scott Pa15:26 Rx3 row, 1/2 dl
Judy H13:35 Rx3 300m,200m,100m run
Kim D13:40 Rx3 300m,200m,100m run 75# 85#
Brynlee17:13 Rx3 accidentally did 30 reps when supposed to do 20
Lauren Hol13:21 Rx2 125# deadlifts
Robby G20:58 Rx
Michelle S15:46 Rx2 125# DL
Julie St14:56 Rx2 26# goblet squat adjustment
Sam W16:37 Rx
Andrew B15:59 Rx Masters 56+ because I am!
Walt16:36 Rx3 Ran - 300, 200, 100 m; 65# DL
Sheridan15:54 Rx
Mark L26:29 Rx2 165#
Melissa L20:15 Rx2
Spencer Bor11:20 Rx
David F12:43 Rx
Bob13:54 Rx2 Run 300,200, 100 no problem
Stephanie B20:46 Rx3 #45DL, step ups
Erin A20:11 Rx
Zach17:47 Rx
Alex P22:01 Rx
Jeff B13:06 Rx
Tony19:15 Rx2 DL 165#
Antonio16:26 Rx
Elizabeth K29:40 Rx2 155 for 34 reps the rest at 135 Thanks 5:30 class for the inspiration
Bryan C11:35 Rx
John BNFT  Boy does not have back. 35DL @ 155, 24' BJ and row as written.
Leslie19:46 Rx3
Jeff P15:26 Rx2 215#
Lindsey Gro17:14 Rx3 95lb DL did box jumps
Josh R13:55 Rx
Justin Gro15:50 Rx
Janelle16:50 Rx2 Was light headed-didn't push it
Katia19:45 Rx
Kristen L21:05 Rx3 Rx3 weight Rx2 18in step ups
Spencer Boy18:50 Rx3 #65 Dead Lift, Step Ups
Larry B16:36 Rx
Jimmy20:23 Rx2 185# DL, 24' BJ
Mary Wahlstrom.14:33 Rx2 #75
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