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Wednesday Feb 21,2018

Welcome Adrienne
3 Position Snatch 5 x 1Snatches, Push-ups, KBS

3 Position Snatch 5 x 1

5 Rounds
3 Position Snatch
  High Hang (From Triple Extension)
  Low Hang  (From Top of Knee)
  Floor Pull   (From the Ground)

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Emily Co95 Rx
Kate B35 Rx
Brian L115 Rx
Toby145 Rx
Jason K115 Rx
Brittany W45 Rx
Walt35 Rx Worked on form
Lisa J115 Rx
Sheridan85 Rx 105# single snatch
Dee115 Rx
Melissa L55 Rx
Erin A75 Rx
Spencer B165 Rx
Alex P85 Rx
David F125# Rx
Jeff B155 Rx
Haylie35# Rx 25, 30, 35, 35, 25
Alexis50 Rx tried 55
Justin Gro135 Rx
Stacie85 Rx
Sam W165 Rx
Russell P145 Rx
Amanda Sc55 Rx
Michael S75 Rx 45, 65, 75, 65
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