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Monday Jul 3,2017

Hero: Hero: DTJerk 1RMOther Posted Results

Hero: DT

Hero: Time-Rx3
5 rounds for time:
  12 Deadlifts  
  9 Hang Power Cleans  
  6 Push Jerks  

Rx: 155/105
Rx2: 115/75
Rx3: 75/45

100% 0%
TodayAll Time

Stacy13:18 Rx3 1 rd 65; 4 rounds 55#
Shawn B16:59 Rx3 65,65,55,55,65
Mike B15:13 95# Rx2
Martha M12:40 Rx3 Hero DP Front Squat 90lbs
Ana S12:00 Rx3 90 lb front squats
Rachel H13:25 Rx3 100 lb front squat max
Gina B19:21 Rx3
Robby G13:05 Rx3
Adam B15:20 Rx 215 front squat
Larry B14:46 Rx2 135 and 215 tempo front squat
Amanda Sa12:18 Rx3
Leslie15:13  #35 lbs; hungry
Brynlee15:25 Rx3 35 pounds
Michelle S15:22 Rx2
Alex P21:05 Rx
Sheridan18:28 Rx
Justin Gro16:38 Rx2 135#
Lindsey Gro13:14 Rx3
Russ19:47 Rx Nice work Sam! 225# fs
Sam W11:37 Rx Not Roy, but it's a PR!
Andrew B16:14 Rx 56+
Melissa L15:07 Rx3 #55
Josh R15:15 Rx my wrist hurts
Janelle15:56 Rx2 85# some were split jerks: 125 front squats
Elizabeth K19 something Rx2 75#
Tony12:10 Rx3 95#
David F13:21 Rx2 155# 1 round rest 135#; 195# tempo front squat
Jeff B18:22 Rx 225 Front Squat
Jimmy17:50 Rx2 Front squat 155# looking after the knee
Angie15:30 Rx 155 tempo squat x2
Katia15:37 Rx2 #85 DT - 125# on 2 tempo squats
Joy F15:35 Rx3 65#, should have done 75#
Stefani Y12:00 Rx3 35#
Zach17:17 Rx2 205 2x tempo front squat
Fernando19:35 Rx2
Phil13:55 Rx2 135lb
Results Posted: 36