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Wednesday Sep 28,2016

Welcome Chad C


EMOM: Rounds-Rx2
-200 m Run                                      
     Rx3: 100 m Run
-20 Box Jumps 30/24      
     Rx2: 24/20    
     Rx3: Step-ups
-20 KB Swings 70/53      
     Rx2: 53/35    
     Rx3: 35/26

*Score is number of completed Rounds. There are 15 total Rounds

100% 0%
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Wendy B15 Rx2 200m run, 20'bj, 35#kb
Christy15 Rx2 200m run,20'bj, 35#kbs
Stacy15 Rx2 200 meter run, 20 box, 26 kb
Brian L15 Rx2
Roy15 Rx
Russ15 Rx
Toby15 Rx
Dylan15 Rx2 53lbs, 30 in bj, 200m
Angie15  100m, 35#kb, step ups
Larry B15 Rx
Judy H15 Rx2 18# kb step ups
Adam B14 rounds Rx Rx+ Bad memory...thought I had another round to do..stopped at 15 kb swings on round 15...dumb
Emily Co15 Rx2
Bryan15 Rx
Kelly T15 Rx2
Sam W15 Rx
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