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Thursday Jun 30,2016

Happy Birthday Holly D
Stephanie B
Hero: Hero: Team JerryStrength: Bench Press 4x8

Hero: Team Jerry

Hero: Time-Rx3
2 Person Team

1,600 m Run     Rx2: 1,200 m Run    
2,000 m Row    Rx2: 1,600 m Row
1,600 m Run     Rx2: 1,200 m Run

Rx3: 100 m Walk for every 200 m run interval.  

Partners change every 200 m, on both the run and row.
Post teams and times to comments.

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1st21:17 Jimmy Thu,Jun 30,2016
2nd21:54 Alexis Thu,Jun 30,2016
3rd22:26 Angie Thu,Jun 30,2016
Christy Thu,Jun 30,2016
1st18:33 Antonio Thu,Jun 30,2016
2nd18:40 Bryan Thu,Jun 30,2016
Roy Thu,Jun 30,2016
3rd19:35 David F Thu,Jun 30,2016

Bryan18:40 Rx w/ Roy
Christy22:26 Rx w. Angie F
Roy18:40 Rx w/ Bryan
Angie22:26 Rx W Christy
Russ20:23 Rx W/ Greg
Toby19:53 Rx W Dean ''The Machine''
Michelle S29:17 Rx best partner EVER! My 11-yr old daughter :)
Judy H33:00 Rx Mary W partner
Walt30:12 Rx W/ Dany; my first completed Rx workout.
Mary W33:00 Rx Judy H partner
Larry B21:54 Rx with Alexis
Brian L18:33 Rx2 2.25 mile run - Santa Rosa Bacteria Beach, Fla
Alexis21:54 Rx With Larry Basel
Ben M23:15 Rx nate luca partner
Kelly M21:35 Rx3 by self
Justin Gro25:06 Rx With my kiddo, Lindsey
Jeff B25:05 Rx With Bob!!!
Scott A19:35 Rx With Wild Man David
Justin A18:33 Rx W/ Antonio bradley
Antonio18:33 Rx W/ Justing A.
Stephanie B24:48 Rx
Jimmy21:17 Rx Coach Jeff R
Paul G20:10 Rx With Juliana Perez
Juliana20:10 Rx with Paul
Mike B25:03 Rx with Ann
Jeff R21:17 Rx Jimmy H.
Tom S24:45 Rx2 w/ Cheryl
David F19:35 Rx w/ my homie Scott
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