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Thursday Dec 29,2016

Happy Birthday Joy P
Gymversary Chaz-2
BR Lunges 5 x 10:45 DU, KBS

BR Lunges 5 x 10

5 Rounds
10 Back Rack Alternating Lunges  
(5 each leg)

*Clean the bars from the floor. Recover steps like a Split Jerk.

0% 0%
1st85 Erin A Thu,Dec 29,2016
Alex P Thu,Dec 29,2016
2nd80 Amanda Sc Thu,Dec 29,2016
3rd70 Amanda Sa Thu,Dec 29,2016
1st205 Justin Gro Thu,Dec 29,2016
2nd175 Jeff B Thu,Dec 29,2016
3rd160 Adam B Thu,Dec 29,2016

Amanda Sc80 Rx
Stacy85# Rx from rack for last two rounds
Shawn B85# Rx from rack all rounds
Christy95# Rx 55,65,75,85,95
Brian L155 Rx last few reps werent pretty
Roy135 Rx 75-95-115-135...TIME
Justin Gro205 Rx From the rack
Toby155 Rx 95, 115, 135, 155, time
Dylan R155 Rx
Jeff B175 Rx
Erin A85 Rx
Cara55 Rx
Alex P85 Rx
Adam B160 Rx 75-95-115-125-160
Chaz125# Rx
Antonio155 Rx 95,115,135, 155, 185(fail)
Mike B95# Rx
Spencer B185 Rx
John D105# Rx
Amanda Sa70 Rx Could have lunged more, but clean/dismount made it hard!
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