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Monday Sep 26,2016

Happy Birthday Tony

Hero: Loredo

Hero: Time-Rx3
30 min Time Cap
  24 Bodyweight Squats
  24 Flash Push-ups
  24 Walking Lunges
  400m Run

Rx: 6 Rounds
Rx2: 4 Rounds
Rx3: 3 Rounds / FPUs (Kness)

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TodayAll Time

Kate B28:05 Rx3
Stacy35:01 Rx
Robert S33:35 Rx
Shawn B36:07 Rx3 knee push up 6 rounds
Wendy B39:52 Rx all 6 rounds
Roy38:10 Rx
Judy H28:32 Rx2 Knee push up
Christy32:05 Rx
Julie St27:47 Rx2
Angie35:14  6 rounds, 200m KB farmers carry instead of run
Justin Gro27:04 Rx
Toby26:28 Rx
Jason K34:10 Rx
John B36:02 Rx
Emily Co25:57 Rx2 day 1 macros
Elle28:37 Rx2 5 rds
Ben M31:42 Rx2 5 rounds
Lauren Hol28:50 Rx
Larry B28:57 Rx
David F26:58 Rx Lets do it again!!!!!
Tony33:30 Rx
Jeff B31:35 Rx
Mollie25:40 Rx
Jimmy30:42 Rx
Joy F30:36 Rx2
Adam B27:20 Rx
Lori F29:33 Rx
Alex Ek23:51 Rx :) :) :) :)
Tom S25:30 Rx3
Antonio26:30 Rx
Erin A33:04 Rx3 5 rounds
Sam W30:42  5 rounds, bent over rows instead of pushups - shoulder
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