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Saturday Mar 18,2017

3RND 2:00 HC, BJO, PU, K2EOther Posted Results

3RND 2:00 HC, BJO, PU, K2E

2 Person Team
3 Rounds
2:00 Hang Cleans 135/95  
        Rx2: 95/65
        Rx2: 65/45
2:00 20 in Box Jump/Step Overs
2:00 Push Jerks 135/95  
        Rx2: 95/65
        Rx2: 65/45  
2:00 Toes 2 Bar    
        Rx2: Knee-ups
2:00 Rest Between Rounds

*1 Person works at a time

0% 0%
1st503 2Elizabeth K Sat,Mar 18,2017
2nd489 2Erin A Sat,Mar 18,2017
1st447 Russ Sat,Mar 18,2017
Justin Gro Sat,Mar 18,2017
2nd358 Russell L Sat,Mar 18,2017
Phil Sat,Mar 18,2017
3rd503 2Chaz Sat,Mar 18,2017

Russell L358 Rx Partner Phill
Phil358 Rx partner Russell
Scott Pa455 Rx2 65 lb hang clean/pj, step over
Cara181 Rx2 my reps; 55#; box jumps
Russ447 Rx W/ my swolefie partner Justin Gross
Erin A489 Rx2 with Michaela
John B430 Rx2 w/Colin +K2E and BJ
Justin Gro447 Rx With Big Russ 'The Rock' Riggins
Elizabeth K503 Rx2 65# Thanks for the help Chaz
Elle569 Rx2 Kayla Allen partner :)
Kayla569 Rx2 Elle Wagner preggo partner :)
Spencer Bor258 Rx solo
Chaz503 Rx2 w Elizabeth
Mark L455 Rx2 With Scott. Rx2 as prescribed. 1st round bj next 2 step.
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