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Wednesday Jan 16,2019

Happy Birthday Alex P
Welcome Mark P & Reem & Kenneth & Kathryn L & Ravi
3RFT: HSPU, BP, LungesOther Posted Results

3RFT: HSPU, BP, Lunges

Warm ups
A - 2:00 Lizard Stretch with Sky Reach
     5 Weighted Thoracic Extentions
B - 2 Rounds
     3 Wall Walks  
         (3 sec pause at top)
     50 ft Lunges

Review Hand Stand Push-ups  

3 Rounds For Time
20 Handstand Push-ups
     Rx2: Plate + Mat
     Rx3: DB Press
     Rx(+): 3' Deficit  
30 DB Bench Press 35's/20's  
     Rx2: 25's/15's
     Rx3: 20's/10's
     Rx(+): 50's/35's
100 ft Double KB Lunges Rx2: 35's/26's
     Rx2: 26's/18's
     Rx3: Body Weight
     Rx(+): 53's/35's

3 Rounds
Max Rep

0% 0%
1st47:10 Sheridan Wed,Jan 16,2019
2nd19:40 2Rachel Pr Wed,Jan 16,2019
3rd25:14 2Erin A Wed,Jan 16,2019
1st36:52 +Toby Wed,Jan 16,2019
2nd40:41 +Dylan R Wed,Jan 16,2019
3rd29:27 Bryan T Wed,Jan 16,2019

Lauren Ta17:46  DB Press 15 RX2, Bench Rx3, KB Lunges RX2
Andrew S13:25 Rx3 35#DB push press, Rx Bench, Rx Lunges
Erin A25:14 Rx2 HSPU 45# + mat, Rx CGBP, Rx KBL; worked on kipping
Jaron14:56 Rx3 DB Press RX3, Bench Press RX3, Lunges RX2
Bryan C29:46 Rx Reg HSPU/50#/53#
Brian L40:54 Rx one word - WOW!!
Walt24:22 Rx3 15# DB
Toby36:52 Rx+ Oof. (3'' def HSPU, 53#KBs, 50# DB bench)
Bryan T29:27 Rx Rx HSPU, 50lb db, 53lb KB
Russ29:18 Rx2 Plate(s) plus mat HSPU...all else rx
Sheridan47:10 Rx RX+ for all exercises except 3rd round HSPU were RX (holy moly this was a tough one)
Justin Gro39:40 Rx RX hspu, 35# DB, 53's for lunges
Dylan R40:41 Rx+ strict deficit HSPU (took way too long)
Christina M17:06 Rx3 HSPU; 20#DB; 18# KBL 1st 50 ft, BW 2nd 50ft all three rounds
Larry B31:03 Rx2 hspu with 45 plate, 35 mb, 35 and 50 db bench
Russell L17:31 Rx3 15# db press, 25# db close bench, 18# lunge, working on shoulder
Melissa L27:17 Rx2 HSPU 25# plate; Rest Rx
Amanda Sc19:41 Rx3 rd 1 - 15# db press; 15# close grip; 26# lunge. rd2 and 3 - dropped to 10# close grip, 18 # lunges
Robby G29:50 Rx Last round 50lb db bench
Latrice28:08 Rx3 rx3 DB press, RX everything else...FIRST TIME DOING 20 HSPU :)
Spencer Boy20:45 Rx3 #20 DB Press; #15 Close Grip DB; #18 Lunges
Kamill22:24 Rx2 15# plate HSPU - 2rds RX - 1 rd RX+
Rachel Pr19:40 Rx2 25# plate + mat; 15# DB; 26# KB lunges
Jennie19:07 Rx3 15 lb db press (20 lb on 1st round), same for close grip, 36 squats w 10 lb dbs per round
Amy L17:01 Rx3 20# DB Press & BP
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