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Saturday Jan 21,2017

Happy Birthday Amber


500 meter Row
40 Air Squats
30 Sit-Ups
20 Push-Ups
10 Pull-Ups            

Rx2: Banded Pull-Ups
Rx3: 43' Ring Rows, Knee Push-Ups

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TodayAll Time

Scott Pa6:46  last yr 7:30
Joy F6:42 Rx2 21st ring; last year 6:59
Josh S6:05 Rx 23rd
Barbara6:28 Rx2 19th
Judy H6:28 Rx2 19th Ring rows
Russ5:47 Rx
Ani7:00  56th RX2
Katia5:52 Rx 4th
Shawn B5:26 Rx2 green red
jennifer how7:10 Rx2 24th
Walt7:10 Rx 31st Black band
Dylan R4:39 Rx 11th
Rob L4:47 Rx 13th
Stacy5:41 Rx2 Black band only
Mark L5:26 Rx2 37th 2 black band pu then 10 ring rows
Jeff He4:22 Rx 7th
Cara7:15  Red and green bands
Bryan4:04 Rx 3rd
Christopher T5:04 Rx
Jeff B4:55 Rx 16th 12 sec. PR
Kim B7:40 Rx2 28th Ring Rows
Larry B4:56 Rx
Lori F5:12 Rx 2nd
Phil5:48 Rx
Mike B6:04 Rx
Leslie8:14 Rx2 #7 rower; reg FPU; red & green band PU
Elizabeth K5:46 Rx2 12th blue/red
Krissy6:01  ring rows
Alex P6:33 Rx2 20th bands
Tom S6:10 Rx 26th 1st time RX pullups / PR by 16 sec.
Jason K5:23 Rx 20th
Justin Gro4:25 Rx
Brian L4:59 Rx 18th
Erin A6:10 Rx2 16th ring rows
Spencer Bor5:20 Rx
Antonio4:48 Rx 14th red lined on row @300m
Wendy B5:54 Rx2 ring rows
Dawn M6:51 Rx2 23rd
Kate B7:22 Rx2 26th
Bill B7:48  baseline
Toby4:20 Rx
Alexis7:48 Rx 7th With blue band
Greg D6:09 Rx 25th dragon flys for situps
Ken H6:12 Rx 27th
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