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Thursday Mar 30,2017

Happy Birthday Pamela C
30 CJ, Sit-up PenaltyStrength: Split Jerks 5 x 2Other Posted Results

30 CJ, Sit-up Penalty

For Time
30 Shoulder 2 Over Head
Rx: 135/85
Rx2: 95/65
Rx3: 55/35
Elite 155/105

*25 Sit-up penalty each time the bar drops

0% 0%
1st10:05 +Angie Thu,Mar 30,2017
2nd11:03 Wendy B Thu,Mar 30,2017
3rd3:30 2Joy F Thu,Mar 30,2017
1st2:24 +Roy Thu,Mar 30,2017
2nd4:55 +Jeff B Thu,Mar 30,2017
3rd8:13 +Sam W Thu,Mar 30,2017

Stacy5:13 Rx2
Shawn B6:24 Rx2
Mark L4:47 Rx2
Angie10:05 Rx+ 105
Wendy B11:03 Rx sets of 5 @ 85#
Roy2:24 Rx+
Brian L6:12 Rx 10-10-7-3
Dylan R5:50 Rx2 125
Fernando7:14 Rx2
Toby9:22 Rx goat. Good sit up workout though :)
Chad C3:33 Rx2
John B4:45 Rx2 95 lbs. 3 sets of 10
Dee7:08 Rx2 115 ibs
Scott Pa5:28 Rx2 85#
Michelle S3:45 Rx2 way to light - knee was hurting, so took it easy
Russ8:31 Rx+ 10,5,5,5,5 wanted to make sure I got some sit-ups in;)
Justin Gro6:02 Rx2
Krissy3:40 Rx2 75#
Georgie4:45  75#
Christopher T4:50 Rx2 10 reps before break
Jeff B4:55 Rx+ 15,10,5
Sam W8:13 Rx+
Alexis7:14 Rx2
Kim B4:30 Rx3
Connor5:15  25 lbs
Leslie6:37 Rx3 10; SU; 10; SU; 10
Elizabeth L5:20  20 lbs
Lindsey Gro6:55 Rx3 45lbs
Joy F3:30 Rx2
BranDee5:37 Rx3
Tom S9:19 Rx2 10/10/7/3 - 75 situps
Jeff R6:01 Rx2
Larry B6:09 Rx
Jerilyn5:18 Rx3
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