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Thursday Apr 20,2017

Front Squats 5 X 5:45 BJ, KBS

Front Squats 5 X 5

5 sets of 5 front squats increasing weight each set.

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Wendy B130 Rx 80% of 1rm
Dee165 Rx
Shawn B105 Rx
Amanda Sc100 Rx
Angie155 Rx Failed 3rd rep of 165
Christy120 Rx
Chad C165 Rx
Jenny C70 Rx
Roy165 Rx Mobility
Fernando155 Rx
Mark L135 Rx Had more but lower back is tender.
Russ235 Rx
Walt70 Rx
Krissy115 Rx
Valorie65 Rx
Michelle S105 Rx
Melody125 Rx Haylie 55
Larry B220 Rx pr!
Alexis90 Rx PR
Melissa L85 Rx
Kim B65# Rx
Stacy105 Rx Did 115# twice to make sure I could do it :)
Sam W225 Rx 1 at 255
Alex P155 Rx 20# PR
Lindsey Gro85 Rx
Leslie70 Rx
Justin Gro185 Rx
Jeff He215 Rx
Caitlin95 Rx
Blake135 Rx W/ pulled muscle in back. No pain! :)
Spencer Bor225 Rx 225 round 4 and 5
BranDee65 Rx
Joy F100 Rx
John B185 Rx PR by 10
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