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Tuesday Jan 15,2019

Welcome Jaron

Amrap15: HS, Pull-ups, OHS, TTB

A- 90 sec Frog Stretch
    20 Banded Squat Abductions
B- Seated Wrist Stretches
    Hanging Figure 8's
C- 2 Rounds
    10 Windmill Planks
    5 Kip Swings
D- BB Drill
    5 Triple Extensions
    5 Hi Pulls
    5 Hang Snatch
    5 Over Head Squats

3 Rounds
5 Snatch Balance / BR Push Jerks
5 Sots Press / Over Head Squats

15:00 Amrap
15 Hang Snatches 95/65        Rx2: 65/45
15 Pull-ups                            Rx2: Ring Rows
15 Over Head Squats 96/65    Rx2: 65/45
15 Toes 2 Bar                         Rx2: knee-ups

*Score = Reps

0% 0%
1st196 Angie Tue,Jan 15,2019
2nd150 Sheridan Tue,Jan 15,2019
3rd130 Blake Tue,Jan 15,2019
1st206 Jeff B Tue,Jan 15,2019
2nd185 Jeff R Tue,Jan 15,2019
3rd178 Adam B Tue,Jan 15,2019

Wendy B130 Rx2 45#bar; ring rows; k2c
Robby G140 Rx
Jaron157 Rx2
Alma83 Rx RX as written. Slow and heavy at 65#
Dylan R115 Rx2 65#, TTB, PU
Adam B178 Rx
Brian L128 Rx
Amanda Sc124 Rx2 55#, ring rows, kups
Walt142  25# Cleans & FSs; pain in shoulder from OHS
Judy H150 Rx2 35#
Larry B131 Rx first time back on ohs- felt good
Matt Sp120 Rx
Russ137 Rx2 Ttb first rd, ku’s second. All else rx
Toby150 Rx
Bryan T165 Rx
Justin Gro152 Rx
Angie196 Rx 3 rounds + 15 HS & 1 PU
Michael Ber120 Rx2 ttb & pu
Blake130 Rx Whoop!! First time doing OVHS since July😍 lots of shoulder and felt great
Erin A132  55# HS and OHS, jump PU, T2B
Melissa L110 Rx2 45# rest RX
Shannon138  45# HS, 15# OHS rest RX2
Latrice150 Rx2
Jeff B206 Rx
Leslie135  35# HS; 15# OHS; rx2 rest
Jeff R185 Rx
Abbey126 Rx2
Dawn M3 rnds Rx2
Tom S191 Rx2
Jaz189 Rx2 45# bb, ring row, knee ups
David C205 Rx2
Kamill167 Rx
Russell P157 Rx
Rachel Pr140 Rx2 T2B and Pull ups
Sarah S200 Rx2
Tyler L145  25#, 12:00 Amrap
Chrissy139  10# Bar, 12:00 Amrap
Lexie137  15#Bar, 12:00 Amrap
Jennie115 Rx2 45 lb hang snatch/deadlifts vs. OH squats
Christina M149 Rx2
Casey77 ohs kicked my butt Rx2
Amy L17:01  20 DB Press, RX2 BP, No weight lunges
Sheridan150 Rx
Spencer Boy150 Rx2 #35 Snatch and Squat
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