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Friday Jun 29,2018

Happy Birthday Gina B
John Ro
Welcome John Ro
FT: Run, WB, TTB, FSOther Posted Results

FT: Run, WB, TTB, FS

18:00 Time Cap
Run 400 meters
100 Wall Balls 20/14
     Rx2: 14/10
     Rx3: 50 reps
50 Toes 2 Bar
     Rx2: Knee-ups
25 Front Squats 185/135
     Rx2: 135/95
     Rx3: 65/35
Run 400 meters

Score= Time
1 Sec for unfinished reps. Run=1 rep.

0% 0%
1st17:50 Angie Fri,Jun 29,2018
2nd18:01 2Erin A Fri,Jun 29,2018
3rd18:20 2Sheridan Fri,Jun 29,2018
1st18:01 John Ro Fri,Jun 29,2018
2nd18:05 Russell P Fri,Jun 29,2018
3rd18:08 Adam B Fri,Jun 29,2018

Wendy B18:25 Rx2 DNF; got to one front squat@#95; sub 500m row for run
Amanda Sc18:01 Rx3 finished at 18:30' #10 WB, kneeup, #75 fs
Erin A18:01 Rx2 Rx WB, Mix T2B and KU, 95# FS, did not get to 2nd run
Zach18:36 Rx Got through 40 T2B
Melissa L18:01 Rx3 100WB; knee ups;FS#65; started second run
Angie17:50 Rx
Lindsey Gro18:01 Rx3 10# WB; T2B; FS 55#
Brian L18:23 Rx Got 3 reps on the squats
Justin Gro18:21 Rx No legs left for front squats- only 5 reps
Haylie17:30 Rx3 10# ball, 35# bar, knee ups, 50 wall balls, had a hard time on wall balls
Walt18:55 Rx3 55# FSs; last 400 m run was very hard and slowed me down
Toby18:11 Rx Slow/careful everything, 1 arm wall balls for shoulder. Happy to Rx this one though! Definitely want to try again when I’m 100
Russ18:25 Rx Got 1 fs rep in before time. Finished workout waaay after class was over.
Melody18:01 Rx3 100 14#wb ku 65#fs crazy weak legged last run 😂
Sheridan18:20 Rx2 115# front squats, 20# WB--finished workout after
Larry B18:20 Rx
Kim B18:18 Rx3 45#fs, knee-ups
John M22:00 Rx3 rx3 front squats
John Ro18:01 Rx
Adam B18:08 Rx
Russell P18:05 Rx
Rachel Pr16:21 Rx3 WB 10#; #65 FS; KU
Spencer P17:50 Rx3 #10 WB; #65 FS; KU
Tom S18:09 Rx3 14# WB for 50 / 95# front squat
Sam W18:25 Rx
Joan20:42 Rx3
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