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Tuesday Oct 27,2015

Happy Birthday Phil & Barbara & Dani & Joseph P
Welcome Jimmy
WORLD WIDE WOD 1.1On-Ramp 2015 Fall Festivus Games WOD 3


12 Minute AMRAP of:

25 Front Squats 95/65          Rx2: 65/45
100 Single Unders

25 Front Squats 135/95        Rx2: 95/65
50 Double Unders

25 Front Squats 185/135  Rx2: 135/95
25 Triple Unders

If you complete all reps under the 12 minutes time cap, re-start the WOD from the beginning. Score is total number of Reps

0% 0%
1st225 2Lori F Tue,Oct 27,2015
2nd215 2Christy Tue,Oct 27,2015
3rd185 2Wendy B Tue,Oct 27,2015
1st235 Jeff R Tue,Oct 27,2015
2nd215 Roy Tue,Oct 27,2015
3rd212 Bryan Tue,Oct 27,2015

Angela W225 Rx
Julie St228 Rx3
Toby215 Rx2
Erin Mi211 Rx3
Lori F225 Rx2 45#,75#,95#
Jeff B160 Rx
Wendy B185 Rx2 55#/65#fs, 35du's in rnd 2
Christy215 Rx2 55,65,75
Angela D190 Rx2
Samantha R300 Rx2 65#,75#,85#,50 double unders,75 singles last round
Kelly T425  cleans(no front squats) singles
John Ne231 Rx
Bryan212 Rx
Roy215 Rx
Jeff R235 Rx
Jimmy300 Rx3
Justin Gro250 Rx2 Singles 100, 150, 200
Josh M225 Rx
John D264 Rx3 singles
Sam W218 Rx2 All single unders.
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