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Monday Jul 25,2016

Gymversary Ken H-2
:45 HSPU, DUComplex: PC, PJ,

:45 HSPU, DU

6 rounds  
:45  Handstand Push-ups  
        Rx2: Abmat + Plate
        Rx3: Flash Push-ups
:15 Rest
:45 Double-Unders
        Rx2: Singles-Unders
        Rx3: Russian KBS
:15 Rest

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Kate B358 Rx2 mostly knee pu's
Bill B465 Rx3
Roy277 Rx2 FPU&DU
Angie591 Rx2 box push ups, singles
Brian L538 Rx2 Singles - 25# plate HSPU (52 HSPU, 438 singles)
Christy260 Rx2 DU, flash push ups
Mary Wahl.145 Rx2 Row(knees), pu
Scott Pa149 Rx2 rows,
Russ220 Rx2 Du + flash pu
Donna A693 Rx2 flash pu
Michelle S722 Rx2
Larry B347 Rx2 DU, FPU
Toby257 Rx 69 Strict HSPU. 188 DUs :(
Todd H367 Rx
Sam W163 Rx2 HSPU to 10# plate, row for cals - shin.
Jeff B83 Rx 44,39
Scott Fo555 Rx2 45#plte hspu; singles
John Ne455 Rx
Bryan384 Rx 37 strict hspu/347 du's
Adam B388 Rx 344DU 44SHSPU
Alex Ek75 Rx 43hspu 32du helppppp
Alex P536 Rx2 Singles, hspu w 25# plate
Tammy M386 Rx2 FPUs & DUs
Justin Gro204 Rx DU's, kipping HSPU
Josh S288 Rx
Antonio246 Rx
Tom S520 Rx2
Scott A564 Rx2 Singles, kipping HSPU
StacyNot sure Rx2 65 lbs; FPU; SU
Kathryn403 Rx2 Singles and Push ups
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