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Friday Jul 22,2016

Happy Birthday Heather

Run, TH, RC

For Time
400 m Run  
21 Thrusters 95/65
9 Rope Climbs
400 m Run
15 Thrusters  
6 Rope Climbs
400 m Run
9 Thrusters
3 Rope Climbs  

Rx2:          Rx3:
TH-65/45   TH-55/35
RC-3/4 RC  RC- Jumping RC

0% 0%
1st18:24 2Jimmy Fri,Jul 22,2016
2nd18:31 2Emily Co Fri,Jul 22,2016
3rd27:32 2Lauren Hol Fri,Jul 22,2016
1st18:58 Toby Fri,Jul 22,2016
2nd20:06 Sam W Fri,Jul 22,2016
3rd20:07 Jeff R Fri,Jul 22,2016

Kate B17:53 Rx3 21 45# thrusters, then 35#
Roy27:53 Rx
Angie13:21 Rx3 65#, jumping rc
Jeff R20:07 Rx
Christy13:33 Rx3 55#, jumping rope climbs
Randall32:14 Rx
Jeff B23:09 Rx
Toby18:58 Rx
Lauren Hol27:32 Rx2 65# thrusters, 3, 2, 1 rc made it to the top 400m cash out
Brian L29:45 Rx2 75#-TH, RX-RC
Erin Mi22:56 Rx2
Sam W20:06 Rx
Ben M22:35 Rx2 as written
Kelly M14:25 Rx3 200 meter run
Emily Co18:31 Rx2 65# thrusters; climbed 3 RC and rest did JRC
Amanda Sc14:08 Rx3 45 lb thrusters
Amy F19:20 Rx2 #65 Pound Thrusters 3-2-1 Rope Climb
Alex Ek21:23 Rx
Elizabeth K17:10 Rx3 400m 45# JU rope
Jimmy18:24 Rx2 21,15,9 thrusters 3,2,1 rope
Tom S33:45 Rx2
Kathryn18:26 Rx3 Row, rope jumps
Larry B30:59 Rx Wow -rope climbs.
Ken H28:15 #75 Rx
Greg D18:57 Rx2 Rope pull from the floor
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