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Thursday Dec 1,2016

Strength: Snatch 5 x 2:45 HSPU, DU

Snatch 5 x 2

Strength: Weight
(Squat or Power)
5 Rounds  
2 Reps

*Reps do not have to be Touch and Go

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John B105 Rx
Bryan C155 Rx 135 squat snatch
Kate B70 Rx pr by 5#
Shawn B55 Rx
Bill B85 Rx
Roy175 Rx
Julian125lbs Rx 348 reps on HSPU and Single unders
Larry B135 Rx
Brian L105 Rx
Jason K135 Rx
Toby145 Rx
Walt50 Rx
Sam W155 Rx almost back to normal
Jeff R185 Rx 3 attempts at 195 x 1
Justin Gro125 Rx Sore back
Jeff B125lbs Rx
Tom S115 Rx
John D95 Rx
Antonio135 Rx
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