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Thursday Jul 21,2016

Gymversary Jeff B-1

Hero: Charlie Kimura

7 Rounds For Time
19 Double Unders      
16 Burpees  

Rx2: 57 Singles

0% 0%
1st14:43 Angie Thu,Jul 21,2016
2nd15:36 Lauren Hol Thu,Jul 21,2016
3rd15:41 2Alex P Thu,Jul 21,2016
1st9:24 Jeff R Thu,Jul 21,2016
2nd11:21 Toby Thu,Jul 21,2016
3rd11:52 Robert S Thu,Jul 21,2016

Kate B20:00 Rx2 Rx3 14 cal row/8 burpee with plate only finished 6 rounds
Christy19:52 Rx DU, 25#plate
Angie14:43 Rx 45# plate
Scott Fo17:59 Rx2
Walt17:36  Rx3: 5 rounds 12 call row and 8 burpees
Toby11:21 Rx 45# plate
Erin Mi20:37 Rx2 25# plate, singles
Jeff R9:24 Rx
Elle17:11 Rx
Ben M16:20 Rx2
Kelly M20:45  rx3 row
Renata27:56 Rx2 completed 6 rounds + cash out
Robert S11:52 Rx
Tammy M15:40 Rx
Sam W13:24 Rx
Alex P15:41 Rx2 8 burpees
Josh S13:59 Rx
Jimmy18:42 Rx2 57x7, 45lbs plate
Emily Co18:32 Rx2
David F13:17 Rx2 Singles & 45#
Mike B23:11 Rx2
Tom S31:55 Rx2
Cara21:04 Rx2 Only did 8 burpees on the last 2 rounds
Ken H17:00 Rx
Lauren Hol15:36 Rx 25# plate
Jayna27:34 Rx 25# plate at home
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