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Friday Jun 24,2016

Happy Birthday Jennifer G
Christina H
Welcome Christina H

Hero: Sisson

Hero: Rounds-Rx3+
20 min Amrap
1 Rope Climb (15 ft)
5 Burpees (6' Target)
200 meter Run

Rx2: 3 Body Pulls
Rx3: 5 Jumping Rope Climbs

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Amanda Sc8 rds Rx2
Kate BRx2
ChristyRx2 body pulls
Jeff HeRx
Wendy BRx2 body pulls
CasheRx 3 rnds - Jumping RC
Judy HRx3
Donna A8.5 Rx2
Danee5 (plus row & Burpees) Rx Went up one time with j hook!!
Sam WRx With 20# vest.
Michelle SRx + 1 burpee
ElleRx +5 burpees
Lauren HolRx2 1st rope climb (up to the beam) then rope pulls
Justin GroRx
Toby10 Rx (+1 rope climb) w/ 20# vest
Brian LRx
Ben MRx most rope climbs in a wod
Adam B10 Rx Freakin hot outside..
Jeff BRx HOT!
Christina HRx
Antonio10 Rx
Justin ARx plus vest
Scott ARx
Tom SRx RX Baby!
Jeff RRx 20# Vest
Larry BRx Plus rope and burpees for round 9
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