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Wednesday Jun 22,2016

2 Emom10: HSPU, T2B, Pistols, Dips

10 min Emom
Even: 3 Strict HSPU + 3 Kipping HSPU
               Rx2: 1 Plate + 1 Mat
               Rx3: 3 Strict Press + 3 Push-Press
Odd: 6 Toes 2 Bar
               Rx2: Dragon Flags

Rest 2 minute

10 min Emom
Even: 6 Pistols (Weighted)
               Rx2: 12 Box Pistols
               Rx3: 12 Air Squats
Odd: 6 Ring Dips (Weighted)
               Rx2: Kipping RD
               Rx3: 12 Box Dips

* Score is total number of Reps. Perfect score = 120 reps

0% 0%
1st180 3Wendy B Wed,Jun 22,2016
1st120 10#ring dips Adam B Wed,Jun 22,2016
2nd120 Toby Wed,Jun 22,2016
Bryan Wed,Jun 22,2016
Justin Gro Wed,Jun 22,2016
3rd120 2John B Wed,Jun 22,2016

Wendy B180 Rx3 strict hspu w/15#plate&abmat; dragon flags; box pistols; box dips
Toby120 Rx 35# pistol, 20# Ring Dip
Russ119 Rx2
John B120 Rx2 All RX except HSPU (25lb plate). Did pistols on left leg only.
Roy120  all over the place
Bryan120 Rx 35# pistol/20
Sam W120  What Roy said
Justin Gro120 Rx Non-weighted pistols and ring dips
Adam B120 10#ring dips Rx Did additional 10 min.
Alex Ek120 Rx2 Need to work on right ankle flexibility.
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