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Thursday Sep 20,2018

Amrap18: Row, Pistols, CL, FS

18:00 Amrap
40 Calorie Row
      Rx2: 30 Calorie Row
      Rx3: 20 Calorie Row
30 Pistols
      Rx2: Lunges
20 Power Cleans
10 Front Sqauts
       Rx: 185/115
       Rx2: 135/85
       Rx3: 75/55

Score = Reps

0% 0%
1st209 Angie Thu,Sep 20,2018
2nd205 2Rachel Pr Thu,Sep 20,2018
3rd195 2Heather Thu,Sep 20,2018
1st176 Adam B Thu,Sep 20,2018
2nd160 Jeff R Thu,Sep 20,2018
3rd149 Robby G Thu,Sep 20,2018

Alma158 Rx2 Rx2 As written (30cal row, 30box pistols, 85#
Robby G149 Rx Ugly pistols, but pistols none the less!
Kate B179 Rx3
Angie209 Rx
Justin Gro142 Rx
Roy180 Rx2 Strange little box pistols
Mary Wahl.140 Rx3 65# c and FS 40c row
Joan130 Rx3
Walt135 Rx3 45# cleans & FSs; worked on form; probably should have used more weight though.
Jeff R160 Rx
Eddie180 Rx2 Rx row (40k)
Leslie120 Rx3 RX2 30c/row; PTB; RX3 wt. 55#; one round plus 30c row
Sarah S193 Rx3 40 cal row (2.03 min first, 2:30 min second); lunges; weight @ 65)\
Dean213 Rx3 125lb, 100 lunges, 13 squats
Melissa L155 Rx2 30 row; pistols; 75#
Brian L140 Rx2 30-Cal Bike - 155# CL/FS
Dawn M2 rounds started rd 3 20 cal Rx3
Adam B176 Rx
Spencer Boy190 Rx2 40 Cal Row; #75 C and FS; Lunges
Kamill183 Rx2 40 cal ab, prog pist, 135 lbs
Rachel Pr205 Rx2 40 cal row, 75#, assisted pistols
Tom S112 Rx2
Taylor Cof178 Rx2 115# power cleans and front squats
Heather195 Rx2
Casey180 Rx3 105 on pc & fs, 40 row, lunges
Jennie181 Rx3 40 cal row, pushups, 65 lb deadlifts, air squats
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