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Tuesday Sep 20,2016

Battle of Boxes IV WOD 1Other Posted Results

Battle of Boxes IV WOD 1

For Time
2 Person Team

Part A:  
6 Rounds of 200 m Run

Directly into Part B:  
5 Rope Climbs
15 Clean + Jerk 135/75    Rx2: 75/55
4 Rope Climbs
12 Clean + Jerk 155/95    Rx2: 95/65
3 Rope Climbs
9 Clean + Jerk 185/105   Rx2: 115/75
2 Rope Climbs
6 Clean + Jerk 205/115   Rx2: 135/85
1 Rope Climb
3 Clean + Jerk 225/125  Rx2: 155/95

0% 0%
1st22:54 2Emily Co Tue,Sep 20,2016
Lauren Hol Tue,Sep 20,2016
2nd19:56 3Amanda Sc Tue,Sep 20,2016
3rd20:08 3Erin A Tue,Sep 20,2016
1st16:21 Roy Tue,Sep 20,2016
Toby Tue,Sep 20,2016
2nd20:46 Bryan C Tue,Sep 20,2016
3rd16:09 2David F Tue,Sep 20,2016

Roy16:21 Rx W/ Toby
Toby16:21 Rx W/ Roy
Kate B25:10 Rx3 with Bill, top weight 65#
Brian L17:57 Rx2 RC + RX2 weight (w/ Russ)
Russ17:57 Rx2 RC + RX2 weight (w/ BL)
Dean14:43 Rx3 135 max
Julian14:43 Rx3 w/ Dean
Elle19:26 Rx2 RX 2 weight, rx RC with Robby
Judy H20:15 Rx3 45#4 rounds 50# last ran w/Mary
Robby G19:26 Rx2 rx women's weight plus rope climbs
Mary Wahlstrom.20:15 Rx3 45# four rounds #50 Last row w/Judy
Kathryn S23:47 Rx3
Emily Co22:54 Rx2 but we did rope climbs- lauren holt
Lauren Hol22:54 Rx2 with emily cooper but we did rope climbs! :)
Renata23:04 Rx2 burpees
Timothy B23:04 Rx2 burpees
Erin A20:08 Rx3 rx2 weight, burpees, with Josh
Bryan C20:46 Rx w/ Jeff R--5 minutes for 225 x 3
David F16:09 Rx2 legless RC's plus 10# on C&J with me homie Alex
Sam W19:50 Rx2 W/ Jeff Barbier. RX until 225
Justin Gro23:00 Rx2 With Lindsey G. / rope climbs, RX2 weight
Tom S26:27 Rx2 Rope climbs /65,75,95,115,135 C&J / Army of 1 reps
Amanda Sc19:56 Rx3 C&J 35/45/55/65 , burpees x5. With Shawn
Ken H20:15 w Fernando up to 115 Rx2
Lolita25:00 Rx3 Row (600m) #40 /Burpees x 5 w/Walt??
Alex Ek16:09 Rx2
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