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Tuesday May 10,2016

Happy Birthday Russell L & Russ
Welcome Joy P


For Time
21 HSPU, 42 Cal Row, 84 Double-Unders
15 HSPU, 30 Cal Row, 60 Double-Unders
  9 HSPU, 18 Cal Row, 36 Double-Unders

Rx2: 1 Plate + 1 Mat
Rx3: Box HSPU

Rx2: 2 x amount of DU's
Rx3: Singles

0% 0%
1st16:10 2Susan Tue,May 10,2016
2nd18:11 2Amanda Sc Tue,May 10,2016
3rd19:55 2Wendy B Tue,May 10,2016
1st13:28 Bryan Tue,May 10,2016
2nd18:54 Toby Tue,May 10,2016
3rd21:50 Adam B Tue,May 10,2016

Scott Fa17:36 Rx2 rx with singles
Wendy B19:55 Rx2 hspu w/15#&abmat; 2x singles
Amanda Sc18:11 Rx2 box hspu + x2 singles
Roy19:30 Rx2 Plate+Mat working on strict hspu
Rebecca D20:18 Rx2 Rx3
Christy23:58 Rx2 boxed hspu, du's
Erin Mi18:10 Rx2
Dana18:36 Rx3 1st round plate + mat for HSPU
Toby18:54 Rx 3'' deficit HSPU
Brian L18:32 Rx2 2x singles, 25# mat HSPU
Russ17:32 Rx2 single, 45+25# plate
Justin Gro27:58 Rx
Julie St15:36 Rx2 pr 23# plate w/ matt
Mary Wahl.15:40 Rx3 Calf raises, box pu,
John B25:23 Rx2 DUs, HSPU w/25lb plate
Ben M15:37 Rx2
Kelly T20:19 Rx2 45#+25# plates HSPU
Bryan13:28 Rx
Sam W22:37 Rx2 5 rx HSPU and just to ab mat for rest
Adam B21:50 Rx 3' deficit on HSPU
Susan16:10 Rx2 box pu, singles
Justin A19:58 Rx 3'' deficit HSPU
Marcy22:22 Rx2
John D18:01 Rx2
Tom S19:00 Rx3
Derek17:41 Rx2 45lb w mat
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