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Wednesday Jul 6,2016

Run, RC, Lunge

4 Rounds  
800 m Run
4 Rope Climbs                  Rx2: Body-pulls
40 Overhead Lunges  
  Rx: 45/25    Rx2: 25/10   Rx3: Bodyweight

0% 0%
1st40:00 Emily Co Wed,Jul 6,2016
2nd40 cap 2Elizabeth K Wed,Jul 6,2016
3rd30:55 2Amanda Sc Wed,Jul 6,2016
1st37:19 Jeff R Wed,Jul 6,2016
2nd40:00 Sam W Wed,Jul 6,2016
Russ Wed,Jul 6,2016
Justin Gro Wed,Jul 6,2016
Antonio Wed,Jul 6,2016
Jeff B Wed,Jul 6,2016
3rd49:00 Ken H Wed,Jul 6,2016

Jeff He40:00  Time capped finished rc in 3rd-straight up mother!
Shawn B35:37 Rx2
Christy36:01 Rx2 25#lunge, body pulls
Brian L40:00 Rx2 Time capped 3 rounds complete - 25# OVH Lunges
Russ40:00 Rx Time capped. 15 lunges into 3rd rd
Lori F37:08 Rx2 1000m row, 25# lunges,4 body pulls
Justin Gro40:00 Rx Finished WOD in 45:40
Michelle S40:00 Rx2 4th rd 1 rope climb - after time climbed again for 8 ttl. A LOT of running 4 someone who 'luvs' 2rn
Elle39:30 Rx2 8 RC, 8body pulls, 10 Lb lunges
Kelly M40:00 Rx3 row and walk:ring rows: body lunges
Ben M40:00 Rx2 Time capped.2 rounds rx 3rd round 1 rc and body weight lunges
Emily Co40:00 Rx Time capped.2 rope climbs total, rest body pulls; 3 rounds + 500 m rn
Renata40:00 Rx2 Time capped 600m, body pulls, 10lb lunge
Sam W40:00 Rx Time capped 20 lunges into 4th round. Finished at 42:00
Amanda Sc30:55 Rx2 rx run, body pulls, rx ohl
Jeff B40:00 Rx Time capped 40:05 3 reps shy
Alex Ek34:28 Rx
Antonio40:00 Rx Run and 1 rope climb on 4th round
Amanda Sa40:00 Rx2 Time capped. 3 rounds + 400 m, Rx run, 10# lunges, RC except for 3 body pulls
Jeff R37:19 Rx
Ken H49:00 Rx 25# overhead
Elizabeth K40 cap Rx2 15# 800m body pull
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