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Wednesday Dec 13,2017

Happy Birthday Sheridan
Gymversary Jiliene-1
Welcome Amanda B
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Hero: Kalsu

For Time
100 Thrusters
Rx: 135/95
Rx2: 95/65
Rx3: 65/45

Each mim on the min perform Brupees
Rx: 5 Burpees
Rx2: 3 Burpees
Rx3: 1 Burpees

*Start the WOD with Burpees

100% 0%
TodayAll Time

Emily Co14:52 Rx2 as written; happy bday Sheridan
Stacy15:35 Rx3 100 Thrusters, 3 burpees; 45 lb bar
Robby G18:56 Rx2 Came out of the gate too fast!
Wendy B20:48 Rx2 75 thrusters@65#; 3 burpees; pr by 6:03
Dee25:11 Rx2
Sheridan37:45 Rx No idea what I was thinking requesting this.
Brittany W16:37 Rx3 75 thrusters, 3 burpees, 35#bar
Toby18:53 Rx2 100 thrusters, 5 burpees. #scaledlikeaboss #noregrets :)
Russ12:31 Rx3 I did 100 reps last time at rx2 so this doesn’t beat it.
Angie28:56 Rx 🤮
Melissa L17:56 Rx3 #45; 3 burpees;100 thrusters
Alexis20:50 Rx3 100 thrusters, 3 burpees, 55#
Erin A20:22 Rx2 100 thrusters 65#, 3 burpees; quicker time than last year with 10 lb more weight
Bryan50:00 Rx 90 reps in 40 minute time cap
Elizabeth K13:42 Rx3 75 reps 55# 3 burpees
Adam B37:17 Rx
Janelle27:55 Rx2 100 thrusters. 65#. Has to drop to 3 burpees bc of wrist
Jeff B35:40 Rx
Lisa J31:53 Rx Thank you to all the 4:30 class who came to my rescue at the end!
David F40:49 Rx2 115# 5 burps each round (75 thrusters)
Amanda B7:30 Rx3
Taylor Cof18:36 Rx2 100 thrusters at 65#, 3 burpees
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