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Tuesday Dec 22,2015

Happy Birthday Donna A
EMOM: EMOM30: HSPU, DU, RowOn-Ramp Team WOD #71


EMOM: Check In
Min 1, 4, 7...
    Rx: 5 HSPU
    Rx2: 3 Wall Walks
    Elite: 3 in Deficit HSPU
Min 2, 5, 8...
    Rx: 30 Double Unders
    Rx2: 15 Double Unders
    Rx3: 5 Double Unders
Min 3, 6, 9...
    Rx: 250 m Row
    Rx2: 200 m Row
    Rx3: 150 m Row

0% 0%

Wendy BYes  5 hspu's w/plate&abmat; 5 du's (yes!); 150m row
AngieYes  Kipping HSPU, 30 DUs, 200m row (170-180m row on a few rounds)
RoyYes  Plate HSPU/ Rx DU and Row
Justin GroYes  Hspu w/ abmat, DU attempts, 250m row per rd
Judy HYes  some DUs 1HSPU
Tammy MYes  Kipping hspus (w/ 10lb plate after round 1), du's, 200m
TobyYes  Elite HSPU, Rx everything else
Sam WYes  Rx HSPU & Row, 15 DU per round
BryanYes  RX
BobYes  ehh, hard, but it didn't kill me...
Melanie CYes  45 lb. push press (5) instead of HSPU, 200m row & 30 DUs each round
AntonioYes  rx3
Greg DYes  kipping hsp, 5du's & 200m row
John GrYes  hj
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