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Thursday Feb 14,2019

Happy Birthday Adam B & Jeff S
Gymversary Amanda C-1 & Malik-1
15 sec Pull-up, KBSSumo Deadlifts 5 x 5

15 sec Pull-up, KBS

A- Split Stretch  
    Hang From Pull-up Bar
      (add Kip Swings)
B- 2 Rounds
    20 Bird Dogs  
    15 Banded Squat Abductions
C- 2 Rounds
    15 Banded Russian KB Swings
    10 Weighted Hollow Body     

5 Rounds
5 Sumo Deadlifts

6 Rounds
15 sec Pull-ups
           Rx2: Strict Bands
           Rx3: Ring Rows
           Rx+: Bar Muscle ups            
45 sec Rest
15 sec Kettle Bell Swings 53/35
           Rx2: 35/26
           Rx3: 26/18
           Rx+: 70/44
45 sec Rest

Score = Reps

0% 0%
1st99 Rachel Pr Thu,Feb 14,2019
2nd94 Alma Thu,Feb 14,2019
3rd82 Melissa L Thu,Feb 14,2019
1st90 +Toby Thu,Feb 14,2019
2nd89 +Matt Sp Thu,Feb 14,2019
3rd80 +Bryan T Thu,Feb 14,2019

Robby G111 
Matt Sp89 Rx+
Jaron162 Rx2 Strict banded pullups; RX - KB
Erin A118  False grip RR, 53# Russian KBS
Mary Wahlstrom.78 Rx2 35#kb, green band pull up
Amanda Sc150 Rx2 Green band strict pull-ups
Angie111  45 sec work/15 sec off. Bar MU & 44# kb
Alma94 Rx 45 Pullups, 49 KB Swings ( 15sec work) Rx as written
Adam B74 Rx+
Amy L86 Rx2 strict banded pullups, 35 # KB Swing - Worked 15 Seconds
Russ103 Rx
Bryan T80 Rx+ Muscle ups and 70lbs kb
Walt82 Rx2 Black band; 26# KBS
Christina M72 Rx2
Justin Gro66 Rx+
Toby90 Rx+ 41BMU/49KB 15 sec work/45 sec rest
Robert S74 Rx+ 27 mu/ 47 kb, 15 sec work 45 sec rest
Brittany D104 Rx3 35# KB, ring rows
Kelly T58 Rx
Casey H95 Rx
Michael Ber99 Rx
Brian L85 Rx Pull-ups: 43 - 70# KBS: 42
Melissa L82 Rx
Latrice70 Rx2 35lb# KB,banded PU
Ravi94 Rx2 18 KB
Larry B88 Rx 70# KB, pullups
Abbey116 Rx2
Tom S90 Rx2
Spencer Boy86 Rx2 Purple Band - 6-7 PU, 8 KBS
Rachel Pr99 Rx
Russell P62 Rx+ First full workout with MU
Kamill72 Rx+
Brigitte82 Rx3 Ring Rows, 26 KB
Jennie63 Rx2
Reem62 reps RX#3 pull ups Rx2 70# Dead lifts Next time 80#
Dylan R88 Rx Taking it easy...c2b and 53#
Results Posted: 36
Jeff R 4:37pm