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Monday Feb 15,2016

Jeff He


Signiture: Time-Rx3
Five rounds
20 Pull-Ups        Rx2: Strict Bandes    
30 Push-Ups    
40 Sit-Ups         Rx3: 3 Rounds, Rings, Knees
50 AIR Squats

Rest 3 min between each round.

Score is total time minus the 12 min recovery breaks

0% 0%
1st33:12 2Wendy B Mon,Feb 15,2016
2nd33:55 2Elizabeth K Mon,Feb 15,2016
3rd36:40 2Susan Mon,Feb 15,2016
1st22:12 Toby Mon,Feb 15,2016
2nd27:52 Justin Gro Mon,Feb 15,2016
3rd29:59 Roy Mon,Feb 15,2016

Jeff He31:12 Rx
Wendy B33:12 Rx2 banded pu's; pr by about 7 min
Shawn B35:10  only 10 banded pull ups
Roy29:59 Rx
Barbara20:23 Rx3
Judy H28:50 Rx3 4 Rounds
Scott Fa36:30 Rx strict PUs
David F30:01 Rx Swweeeetttt One!!!!
Toby22:12 Rx
Carol33:45 Rx3
Justin Gro27:52 Rx
Sam W34:16 Rx
Brian L27:44 Rx3 3 rounds total (1 1/2 rounds AP, 1 1/2 rounds RR
John B24:10  Banded PU. 4 rounds and smacked in the eye with the band.
Emily P34:23 Rx2
Kelly T41:06 Rx3 pull ups w/green band, RX push ups, squats, sit ups
Susan36:40 Rx2 banded pu green/blue
Antonio34:11 Rx
Tom S26:51 Rx3
Alex Ek28:55 Rx2 banded pullups :(
Scott A29:30 Rx
Karen G32:05 Rx2
Elizabeth K33:55 Rx2
Greg D33:00 Rx2 4 rounds plus pull ups and push ups
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