Most Recent Benchmark was Deadlift 1RM on Nov 9,2018 (36 days ago)

Friday Feb 12,2016

Row, SDLHP, Burpee

1,000 m Row Buy-in    
5 Rounds
10 SDLHP 75/55    Rx2: Sumo DL 75/55    
10 Burpees            Rx2: 5 Burpees
1,000 m Row Cash-out

Score is total time

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John Gr21:34 Rx2 aaa
Scott Fa21:15 Rx
Amanda Sc22:00 Rx2 2 rds with 45 lbs, 3 rds with 35
Scott Fo15:31 Rx
Roy13:10 Rx
Tammy M19:01 Rx 800m run cash out
Karen G20:50 Rx
Christy19:26 Rx2 45#,
Melody19:43 Rx
Justin Gro16:34 Rx
Russ19:21 Rx felt like a prize fighter today
Angie16:21 Rx
Toby17:56 Rx
Michelle S21:01 Rx2
Brian L21:20 Rx2 500m on cash out! #Stilloutofshape
David F15:39 Rx
Alex P20:58 Rx
Kelly T23:05 Rx
Antonio16:52 Rx
Alex Ek16:32 Rx I ran the second half..i saw 'or'
Greg D19:37 Rx2 65# sdlhp
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