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Thursday Apr 28,2016

Happy Birthday Shannon & Tanya
SP, Strict Pull upsMax: Strict Press 1RMOther Posted Results

SP, Strict Pull ups

  Strict Press @ 50% of 1RM  
  Strict Pull-ups
        Rx2: Strict Band
        Rx3: Ring Row
        Elite: 10 lb MedBall

0% 0%
1st13:50 2Susan Thu,Apr 28,2016
2nd14:23 2Mary Wahlstrom. Thu,Apr 28,2016
3rd18:14 2Melody Thu,Apr 28,2016
1st9:31 +Toby Thu,Apr 28,2016
2nd11:27 +Robert S Thu,Apr 28,2016
3rd12:35 +Adam B Thu,Apr 28,2016

Robert S11:27 Rx+ 75# press
Scott Fa12:06 Rx 75 lb strict press
Kirby10:45 Rx
Karen G14:44 Rx 55lb sp
Wendy B18:31 Rx2 45#sp (unbroken); negatives
Shawn B18:10 Rx3 35#
Roy10:07 Rx 95#
Toby9:31 Rx+ 65#
Melody18:14 Rx2 45#sp big band pull-ups
Brian L13:03 Rx2 60# SP, banded PU
Russ13:11 Rx2 70#sp green+blue band pu
Larry B15:05 Rx2 35# - most chest to bar banded
Mary Wahlstrom.14:23 Rx2 35# sp red, green band pu
Elle12:31 Rx2 35# bar
John B18:07 Rx 55lb SP. Strict PU. Strength day, not time.
Julie St11:10 Rx2 2 blue bands
Daniel Br10:15 @80lbs Rx
Ben M12:10 Rx2 green band & 65#
Scott Fo16:28 Rx 85#
Jared9:30 Rx
Scott A8:09 Rx+
Susan13:50 Rx2 35# green band pu
Adam B12:35 Rx+ hold hsp = 53 sec/47 sec 70#strict press 155 max strict press
Justin Gro13:18 Rx 75#
Josh S11:53 Rx
Antonio??? Rx+
Joy F9:50 Rx3
Justin A11:12 Rx+
Alex Ek10:18 Rx+ 65lbs
Jeff R16:07 Rx+
Sam W12:32 Rx Set of 10 rx+
Jesse10:50  65#, rr
Tom S12:33 Rx2 45# / blk band
Results Posted: 33