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Wednesday Apr 20,2016

DL, HSPU, Step-ups

21 – 15 – 9 reps of

Deadlifts 225/155    
      Rx2: 155/115   Rx3: 115/75   Elite: 275/185

Handstand Pushups
      Rx2: Plate+Mat  Rx3: Box      Elite: 3' Deficit

KB Step-ups 20″ with 35's/26’s
      Rx2: 26's/18's                       Elite: 53's/35's

0% 0%
1st13:56 2Wendy B Wed,Apr 20,2016
2nd16:36 2Kelly T Wed,Apr 20,2016
1st23:41 +Justin Gro Wed,Apr 20,2016
2nd11:51 Bryan C Wed,Apr 20,2016
3rd13:59 Toby Wed,Apr 20,2016

Wendy B13:56 Rx2 135#dl; (2)18#kbsu's on 20'box; hspu's w/15#plate&abmat
Scott Fa17:15 Rx
Christy14:07 Rx3 125#DL, 18#kb step, boxed hspu
Russ12:44  Rx4? 185#dl,95#press,35#kbstu's
Toby13:59 Rx
Brian L17:03 Rx2 185# DL, 25#+plate HSPU
Justin Gro23:41 Rx+
John B22:52 Rx2 185lb dl, 35lb kb, 25 plate HSPU
Erin Mi11:48 Rx2 135#dl, 18#KB on 20', HSPU w/ 45# & abmat
Julia20:00 Rx3 85lb dl, 10lb plates step ups
Kelly T16:36 Rx2 125# DL, plate+ab mat HSPU, 26# KB step ups
Josh S22:12 Rx
Kara L19:00 Rx3 75# DL Box HSPU 18 kb
Ben M14:34 Rx 45+ 10 plate for hstu rx rest
Jeff B16:52 Rx HSP Elite, DL Elite
Bryan C11:51 Rx
Larry B17:51  225 dl, 53 step ups, push ups
Antonio25:00 Rx2 All Rx+ but HSPU with 45lb+25 lb plates
Karen G10:27 Rx2 Rx on stepups rest rx2
Sam W18:25 Rx2 115# strict press in place of HSPU, rx otherwise
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