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Monday Apr 18,2016

Happy Birthday Jenny C
Strength: HS: 5 x 2Signiture: Nancy

HS: 5 x 2

Strength: Weight
5 Rounds  
2 Hang Snatch
(squat or power)

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Wendy B75 Rx
Scott Fo135 Rx
Roy155 Rx Ran out of time or I would have crushed Sam. JK kinda
Jeff He115 Rx
Angie95 Rx 105 x 1
Danee75 Rx
Michelle S65# Rx
Toby125 Rx
Justin Gro135 Rx Form is a little wonky on 135#
John B105 Rx 4 x 2 (time)
Ben M125 Rx
Bryan C135 Rx
Sam W170 Rx The 2nd rep was sketchy, but completed. 165 was cleaner.
Jeff B125 Rx
Jeff R175 Rx
Josh S115# Rx 2 sets of 2
Karen G95 Rx 95 with pause in between
Scott A135 Rx ran out of time. I'm coming for you roy
Tom S105 Rx
Greg D85 Rx
Tristan135 Rx
Derek85 Rx
Kelly T85# Rx
Blake105 Rx
Melody70 Rx
Alex Ek115 Rx Only able to snatch one time
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