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Saturday Aug 1,2015

Happy Birthday Lauren Hol & Ken H
Pull ups, Burpees, GI JanesOther Posted Results

Pull ups, Burpees, GI Janes

Part A: 15 min Time Cap
   Death By Pull-ups        Rx2: Jumping Pull-ups
   *Step down to the floor between each JPU'
   Rest 3 min

Part B: 15 min Time Cap
   Death By Burpees
   *Burpees to 6' Target
   Rest 3 min

Part C: 15 min Time Cap
   Death By GI Jane        Rx2: Jumping GIJ

*Score is total number of completed Rounds

0% 0%
1st33 Justin Gro Sat,Aug 1,2015
2nd28 Larry B Sat,Aug 1,2015
3rd25 Sam W Sat,Aug 1,2015

Angela W37 Rx 15;13;9
Tristan35 Rx 3x2 MU cash out
John Ne41 Rx
Sandeep30 Rx 12 pull ups, 11 burpees, 7 gi janes
Justin Gro33 Rx
Sam W25 Rx
Larry B28 Rx
Danielle Duk34 Rx2 PU - 15 rounds, Burpees - 12 Rounds, GIJ - 7 Rounds
Angela D30 Rx2 15;9;6
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