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Friday Apr 1,2016

Happy Birthday Traci


Hero: Time-Rx3
Alpha: 7 Rounds
  400 m Run
  29 Back Squats 135/95

Bravo: 5 Rounds
  400 m Run
  29 Back Squats 95/65

Charlie: 3 Rounds
  400 m Run
  21 Back Squats 95/65

100% 0%
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Amanda Sc30:59 Rx2 Bravo - ran in the rain!!
Angie34:28  Alpha -row instead of run
Judy H17:10  Charlie 35# BS
Brian L30:05 Rx2 Bravo as written
Michelle S27:53 Rx2
Ben M22:32 Rx2
Michael L20.00 Rx3 +1 set @ 75lbs
Toby43:43 Rx Just happy to be alive after that one :)
Melody32:40 Rx2 7 rounds 65#
Justin Gro35:39 Rx PR by 9:20
Daniel Br44:59 Rx
Sam W42:43 Rx Wow
Antonio35:48 Rx
Elizabeth K29:45 Rx2
Alex Ek33:51 Rx next time Justin :0
Robert R24:15 Rx2
Tom S28:10  charlie 75#
Jeff R44:33 Rx
Jeff He38:06 Rx
Karen G36:11 Rx
Scott A37:17 Rx
Elle45:00 Rx2 7 rounds
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