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Monday Mar 2,2015

MARYOn-Ramp Team WOD #72Other Posted Results


5 Handstand Push-Ups
10 Pistols (alternating)*
15 Pull-Ups
*1 Legged Squats - Same standards as a regular air squat - crease of your thigh and hip must go below your knee to be RX.  

Please post # of rounds completed.  Post any additional reps or modifications under ''Why not Rx'' section.

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1st10 Angie Mon,Mar 2,2015
2nd7Wendy B Mon,Mar 2,2015
Melody Mon,Mar 2,2015
3rd5Michelle S Mon,Mar 2,2015
Amy L Mon,Mar 2,2015
1st9 Toby Mon,Mar 2,2015
2nd139Tom S Mon,Mar 2,2015
3rd5Ben M Mon,Mar 2,2015

Wendy B +8reps; ankle wrap squats; hspu w/plate&abmat; banded pu's
Angela D +5 reps, HSPU off box, banded pu's, air squats
Scott Fo +15, box hspu, single leg sqts off racks, banded pu's
Danielle Duk +14 reps, air squats, HSPU off box, banded pu's
Angie10 Rx + 17
Joshua banded pistols
Julie St 20 extra, box hspu, band pu & pistol
Michelle S 15 reps - blue band pu then red and blue - banded pistols
Justin ARx 240 reps
Melody Hspu w plate abmat / assist pistol / banded pu
Erin P +2 pike on box, green band with squats, ring rows
Jeff Hu 16 reps into rd8, box on pistols
Benjamin pole assist pistols
Justin GraRx +5 hspu
Tavia 15 RR/45 lbs plate after 15.1
Kim C +10 ; modified kipping HSPU; modified pistos & all pull up attemps
Samantha R9+5  thin green band and blue band
Ben M Banded pull ups & knee on box p\u
Kyle +27. HSPUs with 45+15 plate, pistols with pole.
Jonathan D5+20  progressions
WesleyRx progression down
Josh M pistol pole
Jon pistol pole. also went to 45 lb plate after a few RDS on hspu
John D +10 assisted pistol
Tom S139  all mods
Jesse4+20  45# plate hspu. Everything else rx
Kate M hspu w/45#&2abmats, pull with grn band 3 rd and grn & blue 2 rds, pole pistol squat.
Amy L 45# plate and mat, box pistols, blue then green bnd pull ups
John Gr5 + 5  No pistol squats
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