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Saturday Feb 28,2015

Team: Team: WB, DU, BJ, SU, PU, CL, JK, MU2015 Festivus WOD 2Other Posted Results

Team: WB, DU, BJ, SU, PU, CL, JK, MU

Team: Reps-Rx2
Teams of 2 complete AMRAP 20 of:
100 Wall Balls 20/14   Rx2: 14/10
100 DU's                   Rx2: 300 Singles
80 Box Jumps, 24/20   Rx2: 20/18
80 Sit-ups
60 Pull-Ups                Rx2: Ring Rows
60 Push-Ups
40 Cleans 95/65          Rx2: 65/45
40 Jerks 95/65
20 Clean & Jerks 95/65
20 Muscle Ups            Rx2: Burpees

0% 0%
1st555 Josh R Sat,Feb 28,2015
2nd539 Larry B Sat,Feb 28,2015
3rd680 2Ben M Sat,Feb 28,2015

Renae692 Rx2 w/Shawn
Jessika603 Rx2 with emily
Larry B539 Rx w Justin
Josh R555 Rx
Justin Gro539 Rx2 singles- Larry did DU's
Angela W562 Rx
Ariel562 Rx2 partner Angela did rx, i did singles and ring rows
Jeff Hu561 Rx
John Ne600 Rx With Justin Granville
Ben M680 Rx2 Banded pull uos
Javier615 Rx2 Burpees
Tristan561 Rx w/ Jeff H.
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