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Thursday Aug 13,2015

Happy Birthday Bill H
50 Toes 2 BarMax: Snatch: 1 Rep MaxOn-Ramp WOD #101

50 Toes 2 Bar

50 Toes 2 Bar      Rx2: Knee-ups

*200 m Run for every break in reps

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1st4:52 2Amy L Thu,Aug 13,2015
2nd6:00 2Katia Thu,Aug 13,2015
3rd7:57 2Wendy B Thu,Aug 13,2015
1st3:00 Bryan Thu,Aug 13,2015
2nd3:56 Toby Thu,Aug 13,2015
3rd7:40 John B Thu,Aug 13,2015

Wendy B7:57 Rx2 k2c; 200mX3
Karen G9:02 Rx2 kdc
Scott Fo4:08  k/up
Scott Fa6:22 Rx
Angela D8:20 Rx2
Kyle N15:47 Rx2 knee up
Javier3:17 Rx 2 run
Tammy M10:43 Rx
Joshua2:38 Rx 1 run
Toby3:56 Rx 35, 13, 2
Justin Gro9:00 Rx
John B7:40 Rx
Julie St5:45 Rx2
Walt10:23 Rx2 200 meters x 4
Katia6:00 Rx2
Jayna9:12  Knee ups
Morgan9:18 Rx2
Todd H6:04 Rx
Blythe2.48 Rx2
Samantha R8:50  Knees to elbows+3 runs
Bryan3:00 Rx
Sam W9:04 Rx
Larry B8:22 Rx
Tom S8:36  knee ups
John Ne3:45 Rx
Christopher B3:39  Knee ups. Ran once after 30
Amy L4:52 Rx2 10 T2B rest Kneeds to Elbows 2 200 Meter Runs
Sandeep9:01 Rx2 Knee to elbows 4 runs
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