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Thursday May 21,2015

Happy Birthday Zach
Run, Toes 2 BarOn-Ramp WOD - box jumps & burpees

Run, Toes 2 Bar

E3MOM x 7 Rounds
200 m Run
12 T2B    Rx2: K2E   Mstrs: Sit-ups

0% 0%
1st84 2Susan Thu,May 21,2015
2nd84Wendy B Thu,May 21,2015
1st84 Justin Gro Thu,May 21,2015
2nd84 2Chaz Thu,May 21,2015
John B Thu,May 21,2015
John D Thu,May 21,2015
Larry B Thu,May 21,2015
Sam W Thu,May 21,2015
3rd29:05 2Greg D Thu,May 21,2015

Wendy B84  knees to chest/knee raises
Dennis B84 Rx
Scott Fo84  K2C
Amy F84 Rx2 ROW 300 vs. run 200 and 12 T2B
Tammy M84 Rx2
Susan84 Rx2 situps
Joshua84 Rx
Benjamin85 Rx :)
Aja84  Sit ups- Murph
Chaz84 Rx2
John B84 Rx2 K2e
Jesse84 Rx
John D84 Rx2 knee ups
Justin Gro84 Rx
Tom S84  leg raises
Sam W84 Rx2 K2E with some T2B sprinkled in
Sandeep84 Rx2 K2E
Melanie C84  ripped at round 5..leg lifts on the floor
Jake84 Rx2
Larry B84 Rx2 49 T2B, 35 K2E
Greg D29:05 Rx2 65# clean, 36# kb, 24/20 box
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